Kässbohrer’s Super Eco Combi development with Ewals


Kässbohrer has engineered a high-capacity Super Eco Combi (SEC) vehicle with Ewals Cargo Care to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Since the beginning of the year, the SEC vehicle developed with Ewals has undergone many tests, including a test drive by Mark Harbers, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Another test day for the 32m SEC was held on the 29 November 2022 in AMPT Maasvlakte, with a large number of officials from RDW, Rotterdam Port Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, TLN, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, and Rijkswaterstaat.

Kässbohrer’s 32m combination developed with Ewals presents the Kässbohrer Mega Curtainsider K.SCS M with a dynamic wheelbase and huckapack features.

During development, the turning radius needed to be improved. Thanks to Kässbohrer’s engineering excellence and experience in 32m container chassis, the Mega curtainsiders that form the SEC do achieve a working turning radius.

The Kässbohrer 32m SEC is reported to provide great efficiency in terms of sustainability by higher capacity in terms of two vehicles, Mega upper structure for higher vehicle capacity as well as intermodal compatibility.

For intermodal transportation, the two huckepack curtainsiders used on the SEC can be used separately or as a combination with the dolly that can be safely loaded to trains thanks to their S460 MC steel robust chassis, as well as its train loading brackets that are suitable for P400 classified e-f-g-i wagon types.

Additionally, with its 90mm gooseneck height Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega curtainsiders offer 2,950mm inner height. This way Kässbohrer K.SCS M Mega curtainsiders enable the transportation of goods with higher volume, while also providing up to 40 per cent fewer carbon emissions.

In other news, innovation and partnerships are key to advancing sustainability in the trailer industry according to Kässbohrer.

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