BPW free online calculator announced

Equipment specialist, BPW, is now offering a free online calculator that can determine precise additional revenue and amortisation from using advanced trailer technologies and the BAX e-truck.

The calculator can be fed with individual operating and vehicle data which is then used to calculate amortisation and additional income, displayed graphically.

According to BPW, the tool proves how easy it is to generate thousands of euros in additional revenue per year.

“Many vehicle operators still waste thousands of euros in additional revenue year after year by driving without innovative system solutions or service solutions on account of the one-time purchase price,” said Matthias Stoof, Head of Product Management Business Unit Trailer Solutions and Mobility Services at BPW Bergische Achsen.

“We don’t rely on catchy advertising slogans to persuade, but on serious facts and figures.”

The data, which forms the basis for the computer programs, was determined through extensive practical tests in real-life driving modes.

In addition to having the capability to determine additional revenue in euros and cents, BPW said the calculator can also prevent severe incidents from occurring.

For example, a gradual loss of pressure in a tyre can cause it to heat up and result in it bursting without AirSave.

The online calculators are available for the following products:

In other news, US-based freight transport forecaster, FTR Transport Intelligence, has announced the appointments of its new CEO and COO.

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