Share Logistics acquired by French transporter

France-based transport solutions company, Groupe BBL, has completed a new major international transaction through the acquisition of international logistics company, Share Logistics Group.

The new external growth operation was made within the framework offered by the global refinancing operation successfully carried out by Groupe BBL in March 2022.

Together with Share Logistics, Groupe BBL will now reach more than 1,700 employees worldwide and a pro forma revenue above €850 million.

Share Logistics CEO, Jan Crezee, explained that he wanted to secure the future of Share Logistics and make a careful choice of a new long-term shareholder which would allow him to stay involved along the transition of ownership.

“Groupe BBL with its original ‘federation of specialists’ business model has a proven track record of respect for the local know-how and structures,” he said.

“Our company employees will go through a smooth transition period, and we will keep providing our customers and partners with efficient and even wider range of services within the BBL CARGO network.”

Groupe BBL CEO, Christophe Besset, said both companies were a perfect match.

“Share Logistics and Groupe BBL obviously share the same fundamentals – those of a client driven midsize organisation passionate with complex and time critical logistics solutions and those of a human-sized family business focused on employee’s expertise and engagement,” he said.

Besset said Share Logistics will add new countries to its BBL CARGO Overseas Transport network.

“Our ambition to build a strong Euro-Mediterranean network has now a continental fully owned footprint in 16 countries with 47 offices and warehouses, and more than 500 employees,” he said.

“All together, we get an even stronger impact on the export and import transatlantic trade lanes both in Air Freight and Sea Freight boosted by the addition of Share Logistics business in North and Latin America.”

Share Logistics will also bring its strong expertise in new additional vertical industry expertise, such as pharmaceutical, industrial projects, live events and soft commodities.

“This will obviously serve our clients’ supply chains reinforcing our ‘Manufacture of Logistics Solutions’ service offering,” said Besset.

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