Logsytech joins French delivery company

France-based supply chain and logistics company, Logsytech, has joined French specialised delivery company, D Groupe, as part of a new development strategy.

Under the agreement, Logsytech will rely on D Groupe’s network and agencies to develop a complementary offer suited to the needs of its customers.

This offer includes same day delivery and in tight time slots, delivery network, relay point agencies, drop shipping and advanced storage, direct injection, first kilometre collection, specialised facilities and reverse logistics.

Logsytech said D Groupe was looking for a partner for the co-development of retail logistics services for its customers in terms of consumables and spare parts.

“From the start of our merger, we were convinced that our respective customers would benefit from the common strengths that will soon bring D Groupe to 100 million euros in turnover,” Logsytech said in a statement.

“Our two groups strongly converge on the search for value creation throughout the supply chain and customer transport.

“Our expertise in terms of setting up or reconditioning technical equipment is therefore very complementary.

“We are happy and proud to carry out, alongside D Groupe, our ambitious complementary projects and the support of our customers who have placed their trust in us for years.

“Being able to continue to serve them with the means of the new group is today an additional motivation.”

D Groupe has seven subsidiaries which provide services to clients such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Photomaton and Xerox, which include:

  • Distritec, specialised in transport and specific delivery with installation and commissioning
  • Distrilog, which offers solutions for logistics, mastering, kitting, pre-installation and configuration
  • Distridirect, for transport and delivery with handling without breaking load
  • Distri3r, which offers reverse reverse logistics services with repackaging, repair and recycling of returned products
  • PSE Formation, which allows technicians and sales staff to train in eco-driving, fire safety and environment
  • Toltech, the group’s IT subsidiary based in Vernon
  • Delta+ Consulting, which supports its clients on a wide range of subjects such as CSR issues, transport and real estate

In other news, CEVA Logistics recently completed the installation of a new solar panel system at the company’s facility in Bukit Jelutong, Malaysia.

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