Fife Creamery modernises fleet with Thermo King’s engineless refrigeration systems

Scotland-based wholesaler, Fife Creamery, has turned to Thermo King to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its operations.

The fleet upgrade includes 30 new 7.5-tonne trucks fitted with compressor-driven Thermo King V-800 units and two new 18-tonne vehicles pulling drawbar trailers equipped with Frigoblock FK25RL inverter-powered systems.

“By partnering with our customers, we can help accelerate the industry’s transformation to electrification, proving that sustainable and diesel-free transport refrigeration is possible without compromising the cold chain,” said Thermo King Sales Manager UK – Jon Jerrard-Dinn.

“Our collaboration with Fife Creamery demonstrates that Thermo King has the solutions that already today allow transporters to move away from diesel-powered refrigeration. We can help them lower their carbon footprint, reduce the impact of rising fuel costs and keep transporting food and perishable goods efficiently and reliably.”

Fife Creamery Logistics Manager, Richard Wishart, said: “Fife Creamery operates long-haul and intensive deliveries in busy urban centres such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Rising fuel costs and expanding low emission urban zones across the country has put emission reduction, fuel efficiency and performance at the forefront of priorities when selecting new vehicles and refrigeration systems for our fleet. Thermo King and Frigoblock technologies proved capable to deliver the desired performance we required and allowed us to move away from the diesel-powered refrigeration, which has been typically used in this market segment before.”

Fife Creamery opted for the multi-temperature V-800 MAX Spectrum as the right solution for its high-demand operations. The V-800 units are reported to be approximately 250kg lighter in weight compared to an equivalent diesel-powered system.

Fife Creamery estimates that by choosing Thermo King’s diesel-free refrigeration systems it will reduce fuel consumption by between 128,000 to 200,000 litres, equivalent to emitting between 336,640 and 526,000 kg of CO2 and a representing a cost of £192,000 to £350,000 per year.

Most of Fife Creamery’s new fleet are already in operation and deliver chilled, frozen and ambient-temperature products to customers from independent sandwich bars and butcher’s shops to large retail chains, restaurants and hotels.

In other news, earlier this year, three new Advancer trailer refrigeration systems were unveiled at IAA Transportation.

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