CEVA Logistics goes solar in Malaysia

CEVA Logistics recently completed the installation of a new solar panel system at the company’s facility in Bukit Jelutong, Malaysia.

More than 1,000 panels were installed on the roof of the warehouse with an annual expected production of 840,000 KWH to power lighting and air conditioning for the warehouse and offices.

CEVA Logistics is reducing the logistics-related carbon emissions by powering its warehouses with solar energy. The Bukit Jelutong site offers more than 316,000 square feet of space, providing contract logistics solutions mainly for consumer goods customers. With the installation of 2,800 square metres of solar panels, CEVA expects to reduce annual emissions by 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The company expects to add solar panels to a second warehouse on the Bukit Jelutong site in 2023, and together, they will cover 60 percent of the total roof space of CEVA’s sites in Malaysia.

CEVA also plans to add more than 400 solar panels to its 73,000-square-feet, multi-customer warehouse in Bayan Lepas in the first quarter of 2023. This new installation will contribute another 6.0 per cent of solar panel coverage and is projected to reduce the facility’s electricity consumption by 40 per cent and reduce emissions by 200 tonnes every year.

“This is a good start, and the right decision,” said Jaiganesh Velamuthu, Managing Director for Malaysia, CEVA Logistics. “CEVA will continue to look for better ways to run our Malaysia business in a sustainable way and to help reduce carbon emissions by adopting new technologies in our facilities.”

In other news, a multi-year contract extension will see CEVA Logistics continue to provide fulfilment services to fashion brand, ASOS, at the online retailer’s 80,000-square-metre warehouse in Großbeeren, Germany.

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