Trailer orders jump in the US

The latest preliminary report from Act Research confirms positive trends are emerging for US-based trailer manufacturers.

US net trailer orders in October were 46,750 units, up 82 per cent from September and 168 per cent higher than the same month last year according to a preliminary report from ACT Research.

“With more 2023 orderboards opening, October net orders continued their upward trend,” said ACT Research Director CV Market Research & Publications, Jennifer McNealy.

“With the supply-chain constraints improving for trailer manufacturers, as well as their increasing nimbleness in meeting and mitigating those challenges, OEMs are more comfortable accepting orders, and this month’s preliminary data demonstrates that.

“Demand remains strong. With backlog-to-build ratios above the seven-month mark, on average, fleets needing trailers are getting in queue and staying there.”

In other news, China-based OEM, CIMC Vehicles Group, has reflected on its astronomical financial performance.

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