FUWA and VALX support vocational education in the Netherlands

Equipment specialist, Fuwa Valx BV, has donated several trailer axles to Summa College to support practical training.

Students at the academy will have the opportunity to inspect sophisticated mechanical systems of trucks and trailers as well as gain hands-on experience.

“The show models of axles that FUWA uses at exhibitions are put into storage and no longer used,” said Fuwa Valx BV Managing Director, Harrold Quaaden.

“To keep these valuable show models or worse, to destroy them, is such a waste and we have found a good destination for it at the Summa College in Helmond.”

The Summa college is a practice-oriented training site for intermediate vocational education. One of the courses it offers is automotive training, while another specialisation focuses truck mechanics.

The academy had insufficient financial resources to purchase trailer axles and train the students for the maintenance of such axles, so Fuwa Valx BV generously donated rigid axles and drive axles from FUWA and VALX. The delivery of all loose spare parts and brake parts have also been donated.

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