Randon presents massive product range at Fenatran

Brazil-based OEM, Randon Companies, is presenting more than 50 mobility products and services at this year’s Fenatran event in Latin America.

Fenatran is the largest road transport and logistics fair in the region, and is making its return after a three-year Covid hiatus between 7 and 11 November at São Paulo Expo.

During the 23rd event, Randon Companies is exhibiting solutions in electromobility, intelligent road equipment, nanotechnology and smart composites, among other innovations.

Randon Companies CEO, Sergio Carvalho, said the company will be highlighting its growth and business diversification since the last Fenetran in 2019, as well as its focus on ESG and the global advancement of the company.

“In recent years, we have made important moves to ensure the sustainability of the business through continuous, disruptive and collaborative innovation, seeking advances in sustainable cargo transportation,” he said.

“We have expanded our diversified and robust model and, at the return of Fenatran, we will show the market that innovation continues to materialise in our solutions.”

In two booths, the assembler, auto parts, movement control, and financial and digital services verticals are exhibiting an updated portfolio with new product launches and new product configurations.

Products reserved for Fenatran, such as the Randon Solar, are also available for the public to see and interact with.

The NEW R Line is the guiding concept of the new position for the future of Randon Implementos, reinforcing the pillars of modularity, electromobility, sustainability and embedded intelligence. The Hybrid-R line of electrified semi-trailers is also be available for sale at the event.

Another highlight of the company which is appearing at the fair is the new configurations of the modular platform, which promise to transform the concept of cargo transport.

With 14 patents of invention, the structure is joined by riveted connections which reduces the use of welding by about 70 per cent.

Also being lighter, the platform increases the agility for loading and unloading and reduces fuel consumption and maintenance. The modular configuration also allows the platform to be customised for all axle combinations.

The synergy of the financial and digital services of Randon Companies will result in benefits for customers at Fenatran.

Randon Bank and Randon Consórcios is also offering differentiated financial credit opportunities for the purchase of products and for fleet renewal.

In other news, supply chain services company, Agility, is investing €166.9 million into building a new large logistics park for storage and distribution near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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