Toll’s new global centre to represent €14.3M investment

Transport and logistics company, Toll Group, has launched the global Toll Innovation Centre in Singapore, which will represent a €14.3 million investment over the next five years.

The investment is expected to position Toll and Singapore at the forefront of supply chain innovation globally, and will bring several benefits to its customers and communities.

The centre will lead the development of new technologies to improve resilience and transparency which will create greater certainty for businesses and consumers.

It will also explore how Toll can make supply chains more efficient with leading edge robotics, automation and artificial intelligence, while helping to build sustainability into global networks such as using blockchain technology to provide end to end visibility on supply chains.

Group Managing Director, Alan Beacham, said the centre will bring together businesses, industry groups and research institutions to create new solutions to advance Toll’s supply chain.

“The global events we’ve witnessed over the past two years have shone a spotlight on the importance of the logistics industry,” he said.

“Together, we will share ideas and scale up new products and solutions to create a more resilient, adaptable, and sustainable supply chain that will benefit business and the community.”

The Toll Innovation Centre is located at Toll City, a state-of-the-art multi-storey warehouse and office space in Tulsa, Singapore.

The centre spans over 500 square metres and has four zones including the kinetic exploration garage, the digital experience centre, the innovation and collaboration zone and the visionary lab.

Toll Group Senior Vice President, Innovation and Supply chain Solutions, Nephy Perez, said the centre is focused on innovation to create better outcomes for businesses and consumers.

“We are pleased the global centre is based in Singapore, a testament to the country’s critical role in Asia as a trading hub and epicenter for innovation in the region,” he said.

“We’re creating new specialist jobs, investing in new technology, and forging new collaboration with start-ups and institutions leading to broader social and economic benefits for Singapore.”

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