Kögel enables complete control over costs with transport solutions

German OEM, Kögel, focused on its ‘All-Round’ concept at IAA Transportation which covers customer support and complete cost security throughout the trailer lifecycle.

Services include the various forms of trailer procurement, Kögel Telematics as the basis for full-service contracts, and trading in of used trailers.

“With this package, Kögel is able to satisfy even the most discerning customers and offer them competitive control over their costs at all times, as well as a premium service,” said Kögel CEO, Christian Renners.

“This is fully in the spirit of Kögel’s company promise: ‘Economy meets ecology – because we care’.”

Financing preserves liquidity and enables cost security
The Kögel All-Round concepts includes the various forms of trailer procurement. The customer decides how to finance their Kögel trailer and under what fixed monthly conditions it can be paid off.

“Kögel Finance offers tailored financing solutions based on the respective financial situation of the customer,” said Stefan Sönchen, Head of Kögel Finance International.

Leasing is a resource-efficient alternative to purchasing according to Kögel

“Leasing preserves liquidity, while keeping the line of credit from the bank free,” Kögel said in a statement.

“As a result, the customer remains flexible and able to respond to the dynamics of the market without constraints. In addition, it improves the customer’s balance sheet, as the leased object is listed by the lessor.

“Financing offers flexibility in the overall terms of the contract. For example, seasonal and industry-specific rates can be agreed. The contract duration can also be adapted to individual requirements.”

Trailers from Kögel Rent: Flexible use at fixed costs
Meanwhile, peaks in demand can be covered by trailer rental from Kögel Rent. Kögel’s rental service is also a viable option if customers first want to test the quality of a Kögel trailer without the risk.

All standard trailer types are available via Kögel Rent. In addition, the rental models can be individually adapted and, thanks to fixed costs, offer complete cost security and the necessary flexibility to meet constantly changing requirements.

Low operating costs with Kögel Telematics
An important component of Kögel All-Round is Kögel Telematics. All Kögel trailers are equipped with Kögel’s own telematics system as standard.

Kögel Telematics captures all trailer data in real time and displays them on Kögel’s very own portal. It can also be integrated in existing portals.

Contracts tailored to the respective purpose of the trailer round off the service.

“The trailer telematics help ensure the optimal condition of the trailer and thus the lowest possible operating costs. In addition, it warns
operators of extraordinary events,” said Thomas Gregor, Head of Kögel Telematics, Kögel Rent and Kögel Used.

Service and wear repairs at fixed costs

Kögel Telematics also forms the basis for full-service contracts from Kögel. These are the all-round carefree package for all new trailers.

Thanks to affordable monthly rates, forwarding companies can keep fixed costs under control. Ongoing maintenance work is taken on by one of numerous Kögel contracted repair workshops in Europe. The full-service package includes all service tasks required and recommended by Kögel, according to the maintenance check list, including any spares, wear parts and materials required to complete them. In addition, it includes all repairs required due to wear and tear on vehicles under the contract, on condition that they were used and deployed appropriately for their intended purpose.

“A full-service contract guarantees that Kögel trailers retain their value,” said Gregor.

Kögel Original Parts preserve the value of the trailer
Kögel’s After Market division also helps keep trailers in flawless condition.

It equips almost 1,000 service partners across Europe with spare parts and know-how. Especially with Kögel Original Parts, i.e. spare parts in
OEM quality, Kögel trailers maintain lower operating costs longer than
would otherwise be expected and retain their value, even when used: An advantage that pays off when the time comes to trade in the trailer.

Here too, Kögel is at all its customers’ service. The buyback conditions can be agreed in advance with the Kögel Used division when purchasing a trailer, so customers have completely clarity over the residual value of their trailer at the end of its useful life. This makes Kögel and the Kögel All-Round package the perfect partner for all commercial vehicle fleets.

With its commercial vehicles and transport solutions, Kögel has been providing ‘made-in-Germany’ engineering quality for more than 85 years. The trailer manufacturer upholds its responsibility to design transport and logistics processes in an environmentally and climate friendly manner and delivers all-round solutions.

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