ECOOLTEC is making the cold chain greener

German OEM, ECOOLTEC Grosskopf, has developed a new generation of sustainable and efficient refrigerated transport technology.

Peter Großkopf, with 40 years of industry expertise, founded the company in Mülheim an der Ruhr. His team is delivering refrigeration cooling units that are 250mm in height for installation in vehicle roof spaces and run on natural refrigerants that are almost completely emission and CO2 free.

ECOOLTEC’s primary goal is to offer customers in temperature-controlled transport forward-looking, environmentally friendly technologies.

“We are dedicated to the task of ensuring that all temperature-controlled transports can be carried out with the help of forward-looking technologies without burdening people or the environment,” said ECOOLTEC CEO, Henning Altebäumer.

Dr Jürgen Süß, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ECOOLTEC, reckons the cold chain could be operated without fluorinated greenhouse gases except for the transport refrigeration sector.

“ECOOLTEC’s system now closes that gap and enables the food industry, for example, to actually offer ice cream and frozen pizza with the greenest footprint,” said Süß.

ECOOLTEC refrigeration units are reported to be suitable for urban and long-distance operation.

The OEM plans to market worldwide its innovative roof-mounted refrigeration units with fully hermetic refrigeration circuits. The units are suitable for a wide range of mobile applications. They can be used for the largest as well as for compact box bodies, for trailers and rigid vehicles, in both short and longhaul operations. ECOOLTEC also plans to offer equipment to suit refrigerated home delivery vehicles.

The components specifically developed for the refrigeration machines can already be produced particularly economically in large quantities; they can also be used by companies that use refrigerated containers (reefers) as well as air-conditioning systems for buses and trains.

A team with industry experience forms the basis of the technological lead.

In addition to the senior management including Henning Altebäumer, Dr Jürgen Süß and Peter Großkopf, the company’s founder and consultant, a team of employees with extensive industry experience and fully qualified transport refrigeration engineers are also responsible for the innovative technology.

This structure helps to form the basis of ECOOLTEC’s technological lead. The company has harnessed decades of experience in temperature-controlled transport to put innovative ideas into practical use.

In 1978, Großkopf founded FRIGOBLOCK Grosskopf GmbH, which he built up and managed until its sale in 2015. Under his leadership, the company quickly developed into one of the largest European manufacturers of high-quality transport refrigeration machines, with the name FRIGOBLOCK at that time becoming the trademark of high-performance, environmentally friendly, durable and cost-saving vehicle refrigeration systems.

Shortly after the sale of FRIGOBLOCK, Großkopf decided to found Umweltstiftung Grosskopf GmbH, from which ECOOLTEC Grosskopf GmbH has since emerged. Since then, it has seamlessly continued the development of future- oriented transport refrigeration machines.

ECOOLTEC Grosskopf CEO, Henning Altebäumer, with CTO, Dr Jürgen Süß.
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