Daikin unveils electric reefer innovation

Compatibility with a range of engineless drive systems ensures low emissions, improved environmental footprint and end-user flexibility according to Daikin Transport Refrigeration.

The refrigeration technology provider demonstrated the Exigo Electric at IAA Transportation in Hanover, Germany. It features an engineless drive architecture specifically designed to be future-ready, with the intention to deliver clean and flexible engineless drive capability from inception.

Daikin Transport Refrigeration broadens both its trailer platform and its range of electric and engineless drive units in its portfolio with the reveal of the Exigo Electric. The Daikin Exigo E1500e (electric) builds on the innovation and efficiency of the Exigo platform, announced less than a year ago as the company’s first Daikin-branded road transport refrigeration product and first trailer refrigeration unit. An electric-ready platform, the Exigo series offer the minimum total cost of ownership and maximum peace of mind courtesy of its reliability, reduced energy consumption, optimised airflow and reduced maintenance and downtime.

“The electric architecture of the Exigo platform was specifically designed to be future-ready, enabling the company to announce details of the engineless variant less than one year after announcing details of the original diesel-powered unit,” said Evren Akçora, Senior Manager, Transport Refrigeration Daikin Europe.

“We have also designed the Exigo platform with the utmost flexibility and the end-user in mind. We are working with different partners, be they trailer manufacturers, energy and drive specialists or end-users to ensure that Exigo meets today’s and tomorrow’s needs, especially as it concerns energy efficiency and reducing emissions.”

The units can be powered by an external electrical supply coming from either trailer systems equipped with energy storage (batteries) and generation systems like e-axles, hydrogen fuel cells and solar panels. Demonstrating the versatility of the Exigo Electric and Daikin’s collaboration with leading trailer manufacturers and bodybuilders to provide customer-centric solutions, the Exigo Electric is integrated with the latest innovation in electric refrigerated trailers by CHEREAU, a leader in the design and manufacture of refrigerated bodies for heavy goods vehicles for more than 67 years.

Furthermore, with energy efficiency at the heart of Exigo and differentiating it from many other similar units, the Electric unit can be powered by the more efficient high voltage direct current (DC) power coming directly from the batteries ensuring 100 per cent energy optimisation. And where DC power is not an option, it can still be powered through the more conventional 400V alternating current (AC) power supply.

Exigo is one of many Daikin innovations enabling the transition to a zero-emissions future and aligned with the Daikin Environmental Vision 2050 of reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to net-zero by 2050 from a base year of 2019 throughout the entire lifecycle of its products.

In 2016, Daikin acquired Zanotti, a refrigeration specialist founded in 1962 with decades of experience meeting the needs of commercial and industrial refrigeration, and the transportation of fresh and frozen products. Zanotti is headquartered in Mantua, Italy, a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility with 600 employees.

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