BPW’s AirSave to appear at bauma

BPW will be presenting its AirSave tyre pressure control system at bauma in Munich this year to demonstrate its possible applications and advantages.

BPW offers its award-winning AirSave system for low loader trailers and special vehicles with special axle and running gear designs, and can also be applied to steering axles and even vehicles equipped with stub axles or swing axles without a continuous axle beam.

Despite the limited installation space available, the tyre pressure control system can be safely and easily installed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Using the example of a 10-12 tonne four-axle low loader semi-trailer, BPW Product Manager, Caren Freudenberg, said AirSave quickly pays off.

“Many low loader trailers drive around 80,000 kilometres a year – AirSave saves around 350 litres of fuel with this type of mileage,” he said.

“Taking into account the reduced tyre wear, with the current diesel price of two euros per litre, transport companies can save around €1,750 per vehicle a year.”

According to BPW, the deciding factor on ordering AirSave is safety, as a gradual loss of pressure in the tyre causes it to heat up, and without AirSave, it can quickly result in a tyre bursting.


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