Deflating risks with tyre calibration

Spain-based technology company, EuroColven, has developed its VIGIA range of tyre monitoring devices to benefit the transport industry.

Over-inflation is a risk that can lead to explosion, but with the help of VIGIA devices, the risk is close to zero.

Tyre pressures can be displayed inside the cabin via a small control panel in Din format with EuroColven’s latest technology, which allows pressures to be displayed individually and sequentially from the steering and drive axles as well as the tow axles.

Once self-inflation is activated, the system sends air to the tyres from an auxiliary reservoir and passes through a filter that absorbs impurities.

The equipment also has an automatic cancellation system for one or more axles in the event of a burst or rupture of the system pipe, through a safety valve installed in the tank.

Spain-based global logistics operator, Grupo Candispe, has installed the company’s VIGIA Tire Calibrator to increase safety throughout its fleet of 230 prime movers.

“In the event of a tyre puncture under normal conditions, it releases us from the vehicle being halted on a shoulder, which guarantees the safety of our staff and our fleet,” said Javier G. Fernández.

“It leads to equal tyre wear, which leads to cost savings by obtaining greater performance out of them, but it also generates fuel savings that, in large fleets, represents great savings over a year and throughout the useful lifespan of a vehicle within the company.”

According to EuroColven, tyre pressure control is a fundamental point in safety protocols, and its VIGIA range is an essential technological tool to achieve this objective.

VIGIA has distributors throughout Europe that sell and install the devices. To see the list, visit

To guide the sector on the advantages of the device, VIGIA has arranged a technical team to provide support, where queries from carriers, trailer manufacturers, and terminals will be answered at

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