CEVA Logistics’ new warehouse to accommodate partnership

Transport and logistics company, CEVA Logistics, has announced a new long-term agreement with exclusive European fashion company, BestSecret.

To accommodate the partnership, CEVA Logistics will also be opening a new 80,000-square-metre fulfilment centre in Sulechów, Poland, which will be equipped with a wide range of packaging machines, tote conveyor system, dynamic tote buffer and a storage area with a five-story pick tower.

To support BestSecret’s rapid growth, both companies have developed a modular structure that will allow operations to expand as soon as possible. The capacity of the centre is expected to grow to be at least 1.5 times the size of the existing BestSecret fulfilment centre in Germany.

CEVA Logistics Global Sector Leader for eCommerce, Markus Schmücker, said the relationship between both companies will remain strong.

“Our relationship with BestSecret continues to expand, as we already manage bulk fulfillment operations in Germany and return logistics in Poland,” he said.

“This new agreement not only strengthens our long-standing partnership, but also opens further opportunities to expand our relationships with other services from CEVA’s broad logistics portfolio.

“By managing the Sulechów fulfilment center, we can actively support our client’s expansion in the European fashion market—a difficult and very demanding market. With leading expertise, our dedicated contract logistics team in Poland is up to the challenge.”

The facility is expected to begin operations in 2023, and together with BestSecret, its on-site team will handle designer garments from approximately 3,000 different brands and then ship them to customers across Europe.

The design and launch of the fulfilment centre is being managed closely between the two companies.

In other news, a new Managing Director has joined Krone Commercial Vehicles Group.

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