Together to the next 125 years

Keeping up with its tradition, and working for a better future with its wide ecosystem, Kässbohrer is ready to present new innovative product launches of Europe’s widest product range together with award-winning products.

Kässbohrer is proud to announce its participation at IAA Transportation 2022 between 20-25 September 2022, in Hannover, Germany. Keeping up with its tradition of years of participation in the sector’s most important and pioneering event, the leading semi-trailer manufacturer with Europe’s widest product range and widest range of innovations will present the finest examples of its product range and new vehicle launches at three different stands. Kässbohrer’s IAA Transportation 2022 marks its biggest participation to date to better accommodate Europe’s widest product range.

Traditional Stand E11 in Hall 27 to showcase general cargo and unrivalled intermodal product range Kässbohrer has been welcoming all its stakeholders at the same traditional spot for years. The finest selection of Kässbohrer’s unrivalled intermodal product range with award-winning vehicles and general cargo vehicles along with new features and launch as well as Kässbohrer’s expertise among others, silo series be presented at Stand E11 Hall 27.

With Enginuity Kässbohrer has been developing its general cargo series to meet the unmet needs of its customers. Kässbohrer curtainsider series has been developed over the past decade to offer lighter and longer lifetime vehicles enabling operational efficiency, and less TCO. Moreover, over the past decade, Kässbohrer has focused on safe and efficient transportation of special general cargo as well. The widest range in curtainsiders that include Standard, Mega, Coil, Paper, Light, Air Cargo as well as long vehicles and truck-trailer combinations are engineered to meet its customers’ demands in special transport as well. Metting the needs of its customers all over Europe, Kässbohrer’s widest curtainsider range is the strongest link in its customers’ fleets.

Kässbohrer has been the pioneer in developing vehicles for intermodal transportation. Over the past decade, Kässbohrer has engineered swap bodies, which were already the lightest in the market when launched in 2018. Building on the ingenious chassis design, Kässbohrer has developed the first and only 45ft coil swap body which has won the Trailer Innovation Award 2021 second place in category ‘Body’. The tests performed during the development of the Coil Swap Body have proven safer swap designs and resulting design changes are now the technical requirements for UIC 592/IRS 50592 and IRS 50596-5 certification mandatory for all swap bodies.

Kässbohrer container chassis range presents the Trailer Innovation Award Winner 2019 category chassis, the Multifunctional Container chassis with novel octagonal chassis design has solved the 30-year long extension problems of the existing vehicles, furthering its customers’ equipment safety, longevity, and efficiency needs. The container chassis range today includes 17 different vehicles in 2 categories, respectively Fixed & Extendable, to meet its customer’s 20’, 2×20’, 20’ tank, 30’, 30’ tank, 40’, 4.0’ and 45’ swap body transportation needs in an efficient and reliable way.

Winner of the most prestigious Trailer Innovation Award in the past three consecutive terms, Kässbohrer will also have the opportunity to present the Trailer Innovation Award 2021 winner innovations to the general public which could not be physically achieved since the cancellation of IAA 2020 due to the pandemic.

Kässbohrer won the prestigious Trailer Innovation Award for 3 consecutive terms. Firstly, Kässbohrer has won first place in Trailer Innovation 2017 Awards in the category ‘Safety’ with Safety Bitumen Tanker with its wireless remote control automating the vehicles discharge functions and providing operational control from a safe distance hence limiting the health and safety risk of the operators. In 2019 Kässbohrer won 1st place in Trailer Innovation 2019 Awards in the category ‘Chassis’ with Multifunctional Container Chassis with Novel Octagonal Chassis design K.SHG AVMH, was nominated for both in the category ‘Concept’ with K.SSL Smart Non-Tipping Silo with Autonomous Discharge and in the category ‘Safety’ with K.SSK Safety Tipping Silo with Smart Control. In addition, Kässbohrer has received one 1st place and two 2nd place awards in Trailer Innovation 2021. Kässbohrer is the proud winner in the category ‘Component’ with its Multifunctional rear underrun protection device RUPD-5K1, also in second place in the category ‘Body’ with first and only 45’ Coil Swap Body K.SWAU CC and also was in second place in the category ‘Smart Trailer’ with K-ADAS, Kässbohrer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Europe’s Safest and Lightest Tank and Silo Range at K51 Open Area
Kässbohrer tanker and silo vehicles are among the top choice of European powdered granular, liquid chemical dangerous goods and food transporters with the lightest and safest vehicles, presenting the widest range of options for operational efficiency.
The finest re-engineered and improved examples of the lightest range of tipping and non-tipping silos from 30-90 m3, the award-winning safest ADR transportation tankers, and ATP-IN certified fully equipped food tankers will be presented.

Adhering to its motto ‘Enginuity’, Kässbohrer has successfully engineered its tanker and silo vehicles for safety and robustness over the last decade. Kässbohrer’s ADR Tipping Silo K.SSK series offering the best performance with the optimum discharge has also been engineered for its customers’ valuable dangerous bulk transportation operations over the last decade. In addition, Kässbohrer’s non-tipping silo trailer series K.SSL are offered with various volumes that have been engineered to meet the specific transportation needs of our customers that depend on the density of the material to be transported.

Complete Construction and Heavy Haulage Range at M49 Open Area
Adhering to the motto ‘Enginuity’ with constant innovation to meet customer requirements in construction, infrastructure, energy, and recycling businesses, Kässbohrer offers the complete construction product range that enables safe and efficient transport of heavy and abnormal goods.

Over the last decade, Kässbohrer has re-engineered its tipper vehicles with a unique design for efficient transportation. Kässbohrer’s Tipper series K.SKS, with its U-shaped unique upper structure design, one-touch paving brake system, and tilt alert system provides fast and secure unloading. Kässbohrer’s K.SKS series with its strong and durable chassis is able to endure harsh environmental conditions such as rough roads and severe temperatures.

Over the last decade, Kässbohrer has not only developed its vehicles but also widened its offered option range to meet all the specific needs of its customers.

At IAA Transportation 2022 fair Kässbohrer will exhibit the finest examples of its vehicles for construction and heavy haulage transportation with its most robust and long lifetime low loader, wheel recess low bed, and hydraulic steering platforms as well as aluminium and steel tippers best in class weight surpassing the limits of engineering. The range includes features for efficiency with higher payload, highest loading height as well as the widest range of options to meet its user’s most specific needs.

New launch vehicles from Europe’s widest product range including the complete construction range will be presented for the first time to all Kässbohrer stakeholders.

Together to the next 125 years
Founded in 1893, the leading semi-trailer manufacturer with Europe’s widest product range Kässbohrer has always been at the forefront of innovation. Continuing its proud heritage with its motto ‘Enginuity’, the perfect balance between engineering and ingenuity’ Kässbohrer constantly develops new technologies to meet the unmet needs of its customers in more than 55 countries and addresses the changing industry dynamics.

At IAA Transportation 2022 Kässbohrer boldly highlights ‘Together to the next 125 years’, emphasising Kässbohrer’s sustained success achieved together with its customers, meeting their needs together with the competent localised organisation, ever-expanding after-sales network as well as finance solutions with leading leasing companies. ‘Together to the next 125 years’ also emphasises the collective transformation our industry will undertake as we welcome the European Climate Law.

Kässbohrer with the widest range of vehicle innovations addresses its customers’ unique lower carbon transition needs and together with its wide ecosystem of R&D partners and its stakeholders keeps developing new products and services.

Kässbohrer Board Member İffet Türken said: “Continuing more than 125 years of leading innovation, Kässbohrer constantly improves its vehicles and services with Enginuity, perfect balance between engineering and ingenuity, taking its customers’ business to the next level. Kässbohrer has always been developing vehicles and services with its customers, winning awards for its development as well as addressing the changing industry dynamics with continuing research with universities, associations as well as EU projects. Now more than ever, we should improve connectivity and work together to address challenges and improve our sector. An ambitious transition period awaits our industry while we address the 2050 net carbon zero law. Kässbohrer fully supports its customers’ unique transition needs with its award-winning vehicles for multi-modal transport, the next generation of longer vehicles for more load per trip as well as decade-long pioneering work on smart vehicles and continues working together with its customers, stakeholders, associations, and universities to take our industry further to the next 125 years.

We as Kässbohrer dedicate ourselves to working together with all our stakeholders for a better future for transport. IAA Transportation 2022 Kässbohrer will be present with its competent dedicated country teams, a steady development since last IAA, serving the needs of its customers more efficiently at the local level. As a tradition, we will present our newest vehicle launches, innovative solutions and award-winning products and looking forward to meeting all our stakeholders, local and international in the leading fair for our industry.”

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