Schmitz Cargobull unveils IAA preview

Innovations on show at this year’s IAA Transportation from Schmitz Cargobull will focus on aerodynamics, cooling efficiency, optimised vehicle weight and the use of telematics data for greater process efficiency.

For aerodynamic road transportation, the German OEM offers its EcoGeneration vehicles with lathe-free Power Curtain for rapid loading and unloading, sensors that detect height adjustments and transfer this data to the telematics system, an aerodynamic storage box and interior lighting for improved occupational safety.

Refrigerated transport options include the S.KO COOL deep-freeze semi-trailer which features a new air distribution system. Uniform cooling for the entire cargo area and it is reported to be efficient, durable and suitable for pharma-certified applications. Also, TrailerConnect telematics system is fitted as standard.

Schmitz Cargobull even supplies its own line of trailer refrigeration units including: S.CU 2.0, with its efficient common rail diesel engine and new performance mode – in MonoTemp and MultiTemp design; S.CU 1.0 with its robust and well-known Perkins diesel engine in MonoTemp-design; and S.CUe – the electric Cooling unit does not generate any emissions and is designed especially for use in urban transport.

A new dry freight box boxy, S.BO PACE, is now available across Europe and is produced in the Manchester factory for the UK and in Spain for the mainland European market. It is stable and features a lightweight body made of STRUKTOPLAST. The OEM said S.BO is the new product name for its dry freighters.

The S.BO PACE is primarily geared towards transport companies in the package and dry freight sector. It is certified to DIN EN 12642 code XL and offers a wide range of options, such as load securing rails, a translucent roof, a tail lift and two different door options: a tailgate or aluminium doors.

The vehicle can be equipped with a number of load securing components, such as package securing nets or gates at the rear. The floor load capacity is 5.5 tonnes as standard or there is the option to increase it to 7.1 tonnes or 8.0 tonnes in vehicles that have to transport heavy loads or floor conveyors.

For emissions-free operation in temperature-controlled transport, Schmitz Cargobull offers the fully electric box body semi-trailer S.KOe. It is a refrigerated box body with a battery-powered cooling unit and energy trailer axle.

The Piek-certified vehicle is also extremely quiet, so that delivery can take place both early in the morning and late at night in urban areas.

The electric S.CUe cooling unit is designed to cool and heat freight without generating any emissions and offers a cooling output of up to 15,900 W and heating output of 9,100 W. Batteries on the landing gear replace the diesel tank.

An electrified Schmitz Cargobull trailer axle recovers energy when braking, for instance, thereby increasing the cooling unit’s operating time and reducing the time needed to recharge the battery from the mains grid. This also reduces waiting times at the distribution centres. An intelligent battery charging management function ensures that the battery’ charge level remains as high as possible to provide greater reliability when the vehicle is stationary, e.g. in traffic jams. The generator performance of the electrified axis is precisely matched to the requirements of the cooling unit. The system is fully integrated into the Schmitz Cargobull telematics system, enabling the respective system status such as the battery charge level, remaining range, remaining charging time, etc., to be monitored via the telematics portal.

STI (Deutschland) GmbH, a leading provider of temperature-controlled goods transport in Europe, uses one of the fully electric refrigerated box body semi-trailers. CEO, Drazan Malesevic, explained what motivated them to add a zero-emissions S.KOe COOL to their fleet: “We don’t just want to raise awareness that something needs to change, we want to be proactive and use technological solutions to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. That’s why we decided early on to use an all-electric S.KOe reefer semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull.”

Oliver Exner, Senior Operations Manager STI, added: “We want to understand how the trailer works in everyday operations and, through consistent data collection over the next two years, determine how sustainable the e-trailer is in our business segment, taking into account the highest qualitative requirements. In this we work together closely with Schmitz Cargobull. If the testing is successful, we will equip most of our fleet with e-trailers in the future. This potentially means that more than 200 trailers would legitimately carry the Zero Emission logo.”

For greater payloads with its S.KI tippers, Schmitz Cargobull has released a new generation of bodies and frames boasting weight savings of up to 230kg. New bodies are also available for the M.KI truck tipper. These tippers come with an overhauled underride guard for simpler handling and clearance. There’s also a 10-year warranty against rust-through for the S.KI frame generation with a galvanised design. Production of the new S.KI tipper semi-trailer is scheduled for the beginning of Q1 2023.

The S.KI tipper trailer’s steel chassis frames have always been characterised by an ideal balance between weight optimisation, robust durability and tipping stability during day-to-day use. The fundamental redesign of the modular frame has enabled weight savings of 45 to 110kg to be achieved in the S.KI tipper semi-trailer depending on the length and frame design. The new modular frame system for all trailer lengths is available in a Standard, Light or Heavy-Duty design depending on the level of use.

The design of the crossbeams provides even greater stability and ensures a longer service life of the chassis due to optimum corrosion protection. The frame design has also been enhanced for painting and galvanisation. Schmitz Cargobull grants customers a 10-year warranty against rust-through for the galvanised S.KI frame generation. Painted frames also offer better protection against corrosion. Customers benefit from a high resale value thanks to lower loss of value.

The new LIGHT frame of the S.KI variants was specifically developed for payload-optimised use on roads, construction sites, and light off-road routes. This innovation is one of the lightest steel chassis frames on the market. It offers both greater stability and torsional rigidity while tipping, and also better economic efficiency during day-to-day use.

Four different frame lengths are available (system lengths 7.2, 8.2, 9.6, 10.5), depending on the application, load level and desired body volume. In addition to the STANDARD version, a LIGHT version for especially high payload or a HEAVY-DUTY version for particularly heavy-duty use are also available.

The weight of the new rounded steel body with a loading volume of 24m³ has been optimised for use on building sites. Weight savings of up to 180 kg have been achieved here (reference vehicle (S.KI Solid 7.2 with dropside height of 1,460 mm and floor/side wall combination of 5/4 mm with external tailgate). The wide flat floor ensures a lower centre of gravity, helping to deliver optimum handling and even wear. The upper lips have been redesigned with an enhanced cross-section to increase vertical and horizontal rigidity, which makes the rounded steel body even more stable. Lateral deformation of the upper lips as a result of load pressure has been significantly reduced, meaning they run a lot better and sliding-tarpaulin-style body covers are now even safer.

The underride guard meets all the criteria set out in ECE-R58.03. The weight has been reduced here, too, and handling has improved. The folding mechanism allows for easy operation from one side and, when folded up, provides good ground clearance of 728 mm. This enables easy manoeuvring up to the road paver. The electro-pneumatic underride guard with sensors for the LED position indicator has also undergone a makeover with optimised mechanics and cable guide. The sensors record the driving and unloading position, which means that the underride guard can be operated safely from the driver’s cab.

The standard tail light position has once again been modified for transporting bulk goods and asphalt. It is now available as a version that is 140 mm higher and 80 mm set back, which creates a greater distance to the bulk cargo (e.g. asphalt) during unloading. As a result, the risk of damage to the underride guard bracket is reduced, while taking legal regulations into account.

For four-axle tractor units, Schmitz Cargobull offers a custom-fit M.KI body with a volume of 16 to 23 cubic metres. Like the tipper semi-trailer, the basis for the truck bodies is a rounded steel body made of highly wear and dent-resistant steel.

Thanks to the flexible Schmitz Cargobull module system, an even greater range of variants are now available here, too. For instance, in addition to the existing construction lengths of 5.5m and 5.8m, a vehicle with a construction length of 5.2m is now available to be used with tractors with a shorter wheelbase or longer driver’s cab. The Gotha-based product experts managed to save 87kg of weight compared to the similar SR14 body here, too. With a range of floor thickness options from 5 to 10 mm, side wall thickness options from 4 to 8 mm, and various dropside heights of 1,300mm, 1,460mm, 1,560mm, 1,660mm and an array of rear wall options, the tipper truck bodies are suited to almost any transport job.

For the rear panel, Schmitz Cargobull offers either internal tailgates with a chute or external tailgates with a full seal. Both options are available with either a slider or a hydraulic system. The body cover can be opened and closed either conventionally from the floor as a rolling tarpaulin or safely and conveniently by remote control as an electric sliding tarpaulin.

The OEM even has a three-sided tipper, the Z.KI, which is lighter (unladen weight reduced by 50kg), easier to handle and offers increased flexibility for day-to-day transport operations.

The upgraded Z.KI central axle tipper trailer provides the best services on construction sites where space is limited. Equipped with 900-mm-tall steel dropsides, the loading volume is around ten cubic metres and – thanks to its central axle – the central axle tipper trailer is easy to manoeuvre, even in areas where space is tight. Due to its new design, it weighs 50 kg less than its predecessor. This means more payload and, as a result, increased profitability for business owners. The Z.KI is suitable for a range of applications, thus offering a great deal of flexibility for day-to-day transport operations. It can transport bulk or piece goods. But pallet goods can also be easily delivered thanks to the standard pallet-width design. Additional safety is provided by lashing points optionally integrated in the body floor.

The tailgate and dropsides are pendulum-mounted. In addition, raised tailgate hinges provide for a larger pouring opening. For the simplest possible handling when folding down the wear-resistant dropsides, they can be equipped with a lifting spring mechanism, making loading from the side even easier.

As for digital services, Schmitz Cargobull offers a controlled approach to automated data transparency with its Data Management Center.

“As a key participant in the logistics sector, Schmitz Cargobull will provide solutions to help forwarders and transport companies safely and reliably share data in future,” said Cargobull Telematics Head of Product Line Digital Services, Marnix Lannoije. “Forwarders will only share their fleet data if they have control over how their data is shared. This is what motivates Schmitz Cargobull. We will enhance further functions to assist forwarders and their customers in improving transparency and supporting automation in the logistics sector.”

The OEM also provides Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for smart trailers, ‘proactive monitoring’ via TrailerConnect and better safety for cargo and drivers with the new TL4 door locking system.

Via the TrailerConnect portal, users can define loading and unloading locations where the door locking system automatically unlocks the trailer on arrival or locks it when leaving. Geofence-areas only need to be configured once, simply and conveniently in TrailerConnect portal. Furthermore, once the trailer door has been closed, a general automatic lock can be activated at the touch of a button in the TrailerConnect portal or beSmart app.

The system is reported to offer a high standard of safety due to automating of the locking and unlocking processes. Once configured in the TrailerConnect portal, risks are minimised and manual work as part of the transport process is reduced. This results in a higher level of control for dispatchers and lowers the demands on drivers. All of the locking and unlocking processes are fully documented and can provide proof that the trailer was locked continuously during the entire transport.

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