Improve fleet productivity with Hendrickson’s HSDS

Hendrickson Severe Duty System – HSDS – trailer air suspensions and axle systems have launched in South East Asia.

After years of growing market share with its HSDS in China and India, Hendrickson recently released the product for sale in Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam and other South East Asian markets. The product is also available in South Korea. HSDS suspension is manufactured both in the USA and at Hendrickson’s manufacturing facility in Jinan, China, which was established in 2009.

There are various benefits for customers in the region with HSDS being produced at the Hendrickson facility in China such as shorter lead times, lower freight costs and in some cases being able to access preferential duty rates because of the economic co-operation brought about by the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA). Sales enquiries in the South East Asian and South Korean markets are handled by Hendrickson’s regional sales team with support of Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems Oceania, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

HSDS air suspension and axle systems are designed to balance outstanding reliability with significant weight savings for increased payload.

The rigorous testing that all Hendrickson designs and components are subjected to results in suspension systems that have unrivaled durability.

The patented design of the Tri-functional bushing and fabricated HSDS suspension and axle structure combine to provide class leading roll stability, while maintaining excellent ride quality. This not only improves driver comfort, but also helps protect the cargo and chassis from damage.

Wheel end component quality and precise factory control of bearing pre-load ensure low maintenance requirements which helps contribute to reduced down-time and lower cost of ownership over the product life cycle.

Hendrickson HXS brakes provide outstanding braking performance over an extended lifespan of up to 27 per cent over standard brake lining wear.

The HSDS design, which includes disc brake packages, can be factory configured to suit a wide variety of trailer applications. It can be ordered to match numerous track and chassis widths and ride heights. The suspension is rated between 10 and 14 tonnes, depending on configuration and application.

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