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Wielton Group – a leading manufacturer of semi-trailers, trailers and bodies – will be presenting its original solutions and taking the floor at IAA Transportation in Hanover, Germany, to discuss the future of the transport industry and the ecological challenges it faces.

Mariusz Golec, the CEO of the Wielton Group, is pleased that the IAA trade fair is returning after a four-year hiatus.

“During this time, a lot has changed in our business environment,” he said. “The automotive industry is currently facing a lot of challenges, including price pressures, disruptions in supply chains, rising production costs, but also the quest to reduce the carbon footprint. We are constantly looking for the most optimal solutions to decarbonise transport because both the environment and our customers’ needs are important to us. Our customers’ fleets already have vehicles with reduced weight or aerodynamic solutions. For this reason, we appreciate that the theme of IAA Transportation is climate-neutral logistics and infrastructure. We are delighted to be part of this event and will present our proprietary solutions to these challenges.”

Visitors to the fair will be able to visit the stands of the two brands comprising the Group – Poland’s Wielton and Germany’s Langendorf. The adjacent stands will showcase a wide range of products and solutions valued by customers, including the Curtain Master semi-trailer with many innovative solutions, the Strong Master tipper and Container Master from Wielton, as well as the smart line low loader, and the two-axle Flexliner from Langendorf. Not only will there be semi-trailers on display but there will also be many options for their configuration and personalisation such ascargo securing systems. Furthermore, at the IAA, you can see the first products with the Aberg Service logo, i.e. high-quality components and spare parts for semi-trailers from the Wielton Group. Aberg Service is the umbrella brand for all Group companies in terms of aftersales service. In addition, the Wielton Group’s new brand and its first solution, Aberg Connect, responsible for its telematics and TPMS solutions dedicated to products of all Group brands, will also be presented for the first time.

Wielton Group CEO, Mariusz Golec.

Wielton – Expert on the road
The Polish semi-trailer and trailer manufacturer bases its business on a close relationship with its customers and the joint development of new products and innovative solutions. Wielton constantly listens to customers’ needs and suggestions, responding comprehensively to them and creating tailor-made products. Customers both participate in the design process and test prototypes. Some customers come directly to Wielton with a request to design and produce a dedicated solution for them that solves their everyday problems. Personalisation and the delivery of unique products set Wielton apart from its competitors.

“Providing high-quality products and perfectly tailoring them to our customer’s requirements is our priority,” said Wielton S.A. Managing Director, Piotr Kuś. “At Wielton, we are not afraid of challenges and we are willing to take on non-standard solutions. Our business partners are aware of their needs and signal them precisely. As a result, we tailor our products to their requirements, equipping them with unique, personalised solutions. An excellent example of products developed together with our customers is Dry Master and Coil Master Strong Light, which we will present at this year’s IAA Transportation.”

Wielton’s lightweight and multifunctional Coil Master Strong Light semi-trailer is a vehicle that enables both the safe transport of steel coils and the cost-effective transport of palletised loads, thanks to its reduced weight (down to the minimum of 6200kg) and the possibility of closing the coil with a platform. In this way, haulers can reduce the number of journeys, thereby reducing fuel consumption and minimising the number of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. The semi-trailer has a robust design yet is significantly lighter (by more than 600kg) than a standard coil type semi-trailer while maintaining a universal coil channel length of 9.0 metres. The presentation of the Coil Master Strong Light will take place at Wielton’s indoor stand – hall 27, stand-no. F03.

Another product presented by Wielton in Hanover is the Container Master Super Light (SL). It is a lightweight (from 3,050kg) container semi-loader dedicated to the transport of 20’ sea containers. It has a strong and durable construction – the chassis is made of S700 steel. The semi-trailer has been equipped with modern automatic locks that enable the container to be quickly fastened without the driver having to leave the truck. The main benefits of this solution include improved safety and ergonomics for the driver’s work and time savings. In addition, the semi-trailer has Modul E-Drive electric support legs and the Optilink system, providing communication with the vehicle using a mobile device. The Container Master SL can also be seen at Wielton’s indoor stand.

Wielton will also present two tippers, the Strong Master and the Bulk Master. The first of these, the steel Strong Master, is a product dedicated to working in heavy conditions and responds to the needs of the construction sector. It has a strong and robust design with an optimised weight, starting from 5850kg, thanks to the abrasion- and dent-resistant body made of high-quality Hardox HB450 steel. The Strong Master has a conical body shape which is wider at the rear, that is available in various cubic capacities (from 22 to 38m3), to facilitate the unloading of sticky materials, among other things. The product is characterised by exceptional stability, as well as resistance to tilting and twisting of the chassis during tipping. On the other hand, the Bulk Master tipper with increased capacity is designed for the agricultural sector. It has a load body made of high-quality aluminium Endur-AL. HB110 with a volume up to 67m3. The use of a gooseneck design in the construction of the chassis guarantees a lower centre of gravity for the semi-trailer, resulting in greater stability when driving, manoeuvring, and unloading. A distinctive feature of the Bulk Master is the reduced overall height of the vehicle, which contributed to the lowering of the loading sill of the floor and the upper edge of the load box. Both tipper models have a range of equipment options and configurations to suit customers’ needs and requirements.

Wielton will also showcase the Air Cargo Master Mega closed box semi-trailer, which is another example of tailor-made product, and the Volume Master high volume combination at its outdoor stand. The new Air Cargo Master Mega is a specialised semi-trailer with a rolling system dedicated to the transport of air containers. It has a special system of pneumatic rollers and locking system to load and secure containers and electronic locks in compliance with requirements to secure the rear doors. The Air Cargo Master Mega has a rigid, robust and durable body to guarantee safe and trouble-free transport and protection from the weather. On the other hand, the Volume Master is designed for transporting goods with large volumes, for example from the automotive, food or furniture industries. The high-volume combination is equipped with a double floor system that allows you to take more goods that cannot be stacked. High Volume Combination allows operators to load up 38 pallets (comparing to 33 in a standard semi-trailer) and thanks to the second floor level this amount can be doubled resulting in the ability to carry 76 pallets in total. In this way, the number of journeys is reduced, thus improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. The presentation of the Air Cargo Master Mega and Volume Master will take place at Wielton’s outdoor stand – outdoor area, stand-no. S07.

Langendorf – High tech on wheels
Langendorf is an expert in the production of high-tech specialised vehicles. It is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe with a wide range of products, including tipper trailers, in-loaders for the transport of prefabricated construction elements, low loaders, double-deck trailers, and in-loaders for the transport of technical glass and special vehicles. Currently, Langendorf is continually working on expanding its product portfolio and thus meeting the increasing demands of the modern market. Among other things, it is focusing on the development of ‘smart-line’ low-loader products. Langendorf will be presenting selected models from its offer at the IAA Transportation in Hannover.
“We are glad to attend the IAA-show and to meet again with our customers f2f as we were now suffering so much from all the isolation during corona-times,” said Klaus Strautmann, Managing Director of the Langendorf Group. “Even though the current times are very much challenging transport will still succeed. And maybe all circumstances around will help the transport-business to show to anybody the requirement of a modern and efficient transport-sector. Hopefully, this situation helps our customers to receive the social perception they are worth.”

Langendorf exhibits a low-bed trailer SATÜ30 of the smart-line series and a Flexliner on the indoor stand area. The smart-line product range is a modular system that enables the customer to configure his low-bed from a variety of options.

Since 2021, Langendorf has been able to offer the complete range from three-axle drawbar trailers to four-axle telescopic trailers. The SATÜ30 is a modern model of a three-axle low-loader semi-trailer with an extendable deck, guaranteeing versatility of use depending on the size and weight of the intended load. It is a specialised vehicle with a robust construction in premium quality, which is dedicated to the transport of access equipment or forklifts, with reinforcements to withstand the highest point loads. The semi-trailer chassis is made from high-strength S700 steel, allowing the vehicle’s relatively low unladen weight to be maintained while guaranteeing the strength and rigidity of the structure. Many options allow customising the trailer exactly to customers’ transport needs. Langendorf will also present a two-axle Flexliner, which is intended for city or branch operation mainly for parcel-transport or serving pharmacies as well as food logistics. Langendorf will continue to expand its position in this area, as the Flexliner is the ecological answer to higher fuel costs and driver shortages. The Flexliner is a box trailer based on an inloader chassis, which means that a through axle can be dispensed, and the space gained is used for additional cargo, resulting in up to 66 per cent more cargo being transported. In this way, we also reduce the carbon footprint. Both models will be on display at the Langendorf stand: hall 27, stand-no. F04.

In the outdoor area, Langendorf will exhibit an in-loader for the transport of concrete elements type SBH and a range of tippers that shows the German producer’s competence in tipper-built in aluminium or steel according to its wide range of programs. The product presentation will take place at Langendorf’s outdoor stand – outdoor area, stand-no. S09.

Aberg Service – supporting the uptime and modern aftersales service
Aberg Service, which was founded two years ago is constantly expanding and covering more areas. The primary focus is to support customers with an uptime of their vehicles. To secure that, Aberg will authorise 18 Aberg premium service partners across Europe this year.
First Aberg Premium service points will be located in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, and CEE markets. All of them will have the competencies to maintain and repair any vehicle belonging to Wielton Group. Following the strategy, Aberg Service is also in the process of implementing parts and components under its label. Aberg Service will present some of its products at the Wielton stand – hall 27, stand-no. F03.
“It’s the first time Aberg Service attends an IAA event,” said Aberg Service Director, Sergiusz Mitek. “We are looking forward to meeting customers, service partners and suppliers to further discuss mutual opportunities.”

Aberg Connect – Telematics and TPMS solutions
At IAA Transportation 2018, the Wielton Group announced the introduction of its own telematics solution. The response to these announcements is a new company, Aberg Connect, which will provide its telematics and TPMS solutions for all Group products, i.e. all brands and all markets. Starting in 2024, these solutions will be standard equipment for the Group’s new trailers and semi-trailers. Aberg Connect will offer real-time monitoring and vehicle data analysis as part of its digital offering. Aberg Connect solutions will be presented on Wielton products – hall 27, stand no. F03.

“I am delighted that we will present our own telematics solutions under the Aberg Connect brand for the first time at the IAA,” said Aberg Connect CSO, Michał Skorupowski. “This is an important moment for us.”

The Wielton Group invites everyone to visit its spaces at IAA Transportation in Hannover. We invite you to join us for discussions in hall 27, stand-no. F03 and F04.

Fast Fact
The Polish semi-trailer and trailer manufacturer bases its business on a close relationship with its customers and the joint development of new products and innovative solutions. Wielton constantly listens to customers’ needs and suggestions, responding comprehensively to them and creating tailor-made products. Customers both participate in the design process and test prototypes.

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