FedEx Freight increases capacity

US-based carrier, FedEx Freight, has opened a new 218-door facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The continued growth in the Phoenix market coupled with our expanded footprint with additional doors provides us the much-needed capacity to meet the growing demand,” said FedEx Freight Regional Vice President, Scott Doleman.

This development has brought FedEx Freight’s door count to almost 26,000 this year.

“We’re talking about more than adding buildings or square footage,” said Lance Moll, FedEx Freight President and CEO. “This is about strategically planning capacity increases to better serve our customers in growing markets.”

FedEx Freight regularly evaluates opportunities to invest in capacity growth through door and yard expansions and fleet maintenance shop footprints.

Additional focuses include continually evaluating the network based on changing market conditions and maximising the use of existing assets (such as collaboration within the FedEx enterprise network to reduce empty miles and provide peak support).

“We will continue to invest in our network that provides the fastest published transit times in the industry,” said Moll. “We have several projects underway to modernise and selectively expand centres to increase capacity over the next several years. We are confident our customers will benefit from these projects in the long run.”

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