Utility plant builds 300,000th trailer

Utility’s Clearfield, Utah, facility hit the 300,000th trailer production milestone when US Foods purchased and received a 3000R Multi-Temp refrigerated trailer in June 2022.

“This could not be accomplished without the support of everyone from the customer like US Foods, to our Sales team, Corporate Office, and the team here at the Clearfield, Utah Factory,” said Todd Smith, Utility Clearfield Plant Manager. “We have a great team that takes pride in their work and are proud to be part of this great milestone.”

Jim Johnston, Director Fleet Management at US Foods, said: “US Foods is pleased to participate in the celebration of Utility’s Utah Refrigerated Trailer Factory milestone of 300,000 units produced. US Foods also celebrates its 23rd year of continuous trailer production from Utility.”

Johnston added: “Utility and Midwest Utility, Chicago have evolved into a unique, trusted and essential partnership that has used a strategy of continuous improvement to produce our highly customised multi-temp distribution models to service our national distribution. This partnership is responsible for development of highly refined products that deliver significant advantages to our business model in productivity, safety, thermal performance, and longer in service life. Utah’s consistent quality and reliable production are a direct result of the passionate and long-term employees and management of the Utah production facility. US Foods offers congratulations and continued support for our friends in Utah.”

Utility Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Craig Bennett, congratulated the entire Clearfield, Utah, factory team for achieving this milestone.

“With all the production challenges we’re facing today, their commitment to building high quality reefers is the reason we’re number one in the marketplace,” he said.

Utility’s first Clearfield, Utah plant was located at Freeport Center, opening in 1965. It manufactured the 2000R reefer as well as other trailer products. When a new re-tooled manufacturing plant was completed in 1999, the Freeport Center plant closed, having built nearly 100,000 reefers. This new state-of-the-art facility was dedicated exclusively to manufacture a new re-engineered refrigerated trailer – the Utility 3000R. The plant featured a moving assembly line in order to boost productivity and product quality.

Earlier this year, Utility’s Paragould, Arkansas, manufacturing facility produced its 200,000th trailer.

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