ACT Research reports decline in US trailer orders

The latest report from ACT Research shows a decline in trailer orders during the last month but a huge increase year-on-year (YOY).

Net US trailer orders in July saw a recording of 16,997 units, which was 33 per cent lower compared to last month.

However, orders were more than 103 per cent above the figure recorded in July 2021.

ACT Research Director-CV Market Research & Publications, Jennifer McNealy, said decisions of OEMs during June led to the decrease in orders.

“OEMs continue to negotiate with fleets, but with some 2023 orderboards opened in June, those efforts quickly moved to booked business, leaving a tougher month to which July orders were compared,” she said.

“Discussions in June indicated that some OEMs had opened part of their 2023 build slots, and in July we learned that further opening isn’t expected soon, as manufacturers continue to wrestle with rolling supply-chain disruptions, as well as challenges on the labor front.

“That said, demand remains strong, despite increased pricing, and cancellations, although ticking upward, are insignificant, as fleets in queue need the equipment and plan to stay in queue until orders are converted to deliveries.”

In other news, supply chain services company, Agility, has announced its first half and Q2 2022 earnings, reporting good results amid challenging market conditions.

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