SAF-Holland announces new products ahead of IAA

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has announced new products which will be presented at this year’s IAA Transportation event from 20 to 25 September 2022.

The supplier will be presenting the SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle as well as its SAF-Holland Automated Coupling.

Other topics for the exhibition are the sensor-based Smart Axle with the SAF TrailerMaster telematics system and the new SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. tyre pressure monitoring system, along with the digital products in the I.Q. portal.

Environmentally friendly SAF TRAKr electric axle

Now in standard production – the electrically driven SAF TRAKr trailer axle from SAF-Holland.


The SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle offers the transport industry a great opportunity for more efficiency and sustainability. The electric trailer axle can be used in all trailers with electrical consuming units such as refrigerated semi-trailers or semi-trailers for construction materials, but also in vehicles with electro-hydraulic units such as moving-floor vehicles or tanker trucks.

According to SAF-Holland, it reduces or even completely eliminates noise, particulate and CO2 emissions. The SAF TRAKr meets all legal requirements for inner-city low-emission and environmental restriction zones, and will go into production and to market before the end of the year.

Automatic coupling of truck and trailer

With the automated coupling solution, SAF-Holland automates and accelerates the coupling and uncoupling processes with a sensor-based process.

SAF-Holland’s automatic coupling automates and accelerates coupling and uncoupling tasks with a sensor-based process, increasing safety and time savings.

The SHAC System with its high-speed data transfer in real time is a key element for making automation of semi-trailer trucks economically viable in the long term.

Smart Axle

The TrailerMaster telematics solution from SAF-Holland is linked to the Smart Axle and provides digital data in real time.

SAF-Holland is working on an intelligent networked trailer that is integrated into the digital logistics processes. The objectives of the Smart Axle concept include increased safety, optimised processes, lower overall costs and compliance with the latest legislation.

The Smart Axle is supplied with sensors for wheel-end monitoring, including brake and tyre pressure. The SAF TrailerMaster telematics solution provides digital data in real time, for more transparency, safety and efficiency as well as reduced vehicle downtime.


The new SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. is also part of the Smart Axle solution for digitalisation of trailers. It meets the requirements of GSRII 2019/2144 and ECE-R-141, which will make tyre pressure monitoring systems mandatory from 2024.

When the tyre pressure drops below the preset value, an indicator informs the driver and the tyre-inflating system automatically increases the pressure. The system prevents complete failure of the tyres, optimises their service life and saves fuel thanks to the continuously correct tyre pressure.

SAF-Holland I.Q. portal

The new online platform increases service quality by bundling a number of digital services from the supplier for commercial vehicle parts, including the electronic PoD spare parts catalogue.

The smart search in the knowledge database allows users to quickly located the desired data, documents and information.

In other news, SAF-Holland has released preliminary Q2 2022 results, with all three regions driving record sales.