CM Logistik Gruppe partners with Kässbohrer

Intermodal transport operator, CM Logistik Gruppe, has ordered 40 Kässbohrer trailers.

The container transport and logistics business turned to Kässbohrer for reliable, high quality and robust equipment to accommodate rapid growth hence its order for Middle-Rear Extendable Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AMH vehicles.

Alexander Heine, the General Manager of CM Logistik Gruppe, and Vincent Koel, Northern Germany Region Manager at Kässbohrer attended the delivery ceremony and detailed their newly established partnership.

“As a service provider to many transport and logistics companies, the quality of our fleet and the operational flexibility it offers are of the most importance,” said Heine.

“For our fleet, we look for operational ease, security, and long vehicle life in our trailers.

“We are very impressed with Kässbohrer’s extendable container chassis vehicles with a gooseneck that provides maximum flexibility in our customers’ operations.

“With our new investment K.SHG AVMH vehicles, our customers can safely carry 1×20′ rear flush and 2 x20′ positioning, 30′ containers and of course, 40′ ISO and HC containers as well as presenting different loading combinations for container types during their/our versatile operations.

“Our customers can very easily operate and adjust our container chassis vehicles with Kässbohrer’s patented octagonal mid & rear extensions. The dual pneumatic locking systems at the middle extension reassure safety throughout operations.”

Koel added: “As Kässbohrer, we offer the unrivalled intermodal product range with innovation award winner Container Chassis and Swap body vehicles manufactured through meticulous design and validation processes with skilled workmanship.

“We proudly offer 17 Container Chassis vehicles from tank containers to flat chassis to gooseneck non-extendable and gooseneck extendable categories that are suitable for carrying 20′ tank, 30′ tank, 40′, and 45′. Different kinds of containers can be transported in vehicle selection and different lock combinations increase the capability of carrying more container types according to your needs and operations.

“The extensive range proudly includes Trailer Innovation 2019 Award in Category ‘Chassis’ through its Multifunctional Container Chassis K.SHG AVMH with a novel octagonal central frame design.

“CM Logistik Gruppe choice extendable container chassis K.SHG AMH’s chassis design provides the best traction and loads distribution performance even when carrying 20′ containers on the rear side. KTL coated K.SHG AMH chassis is also partially metalised at the container and chassis touch points to prolong the vehicle’s lifetime.

“K. SHG AMH’s meticulous design features easily changed 5 x 2 container lock positions for the best fit and load distribution. Kässbohrer’s middle and rear extensions and carefully designed locking mechanisms provide the most user-friendly operation even for the average driver.

“Security-enhancing options such as the BPW Airsave System have been included in our customers’ new vehicles. The BPW Airsave System prevents tire blow-outs by balancing the air pressure with very little maintenance.

“We will keep working to meet CM Logistik Gruppe‘s needs and are confident that our partnership, which started with the investment of 40 K.SHG AMH vehicles, will continue for many years.”