French transporter increases local network in acquisition

France-based transport and logistics company, Hautier Group, has announced its acquisition of Transports Picq & Charbonnier, effective 26 July 2022.

The acquisition of the France-based transport and logistics company strengthens the territorial network of Hautier Group, as it has now increased its storage area to 70,000 square metres and 10 subsidiaries.

Hautier Group Chairman, Pierre-Marie Hautier, said the acquisition brings new capabilities to the team.

“This takeover not only allows the Group to continue its external growth, to offer the best support to its customers, but also to provide control of alternative energies,” he said.

“Christophe Charbonnier led Transports Picq & Charbonnier to become pioneers, basing the development of its fleet on NGV and bio-NGV, and this allows us to continue diversifying our fleet, always with the aim of reducing our carbon emissions.”

Both Hautier and Charbonnier represent the fourth generation of their century-old family businesses, and according to Hautier Group, they both want their shared values to continue through the takeover.

“This choice resonates as obvious when we see the common commitments of the two carriers of the FLO Group,” Hautier Group said in a statement.

“Placing people at the heart of concerns and decisions, being a committed player in the energy transition, ensuring the continuous improvement of the quality of services and the safety of employees, are values shared by Pierre-Marie Hautier and Christophe Coal.”

In other news, TIP and its project partners are ready to take their zero emission semi-trailer pilot in the Netherlands to the next level.

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