TIP declares e-reefer trial a success

TIP and its project partners are ready to take their zero emission semi-trailer pilot in the Netherlands to the next level.

Four semi-trailers have had their diesel refrigeration systems replaced with battery-electric prototypes.

TIP partnered with Unilever, DLG and Maxwell + Spark to deliver an innovation that aims to keep freight chilled at temperatures down to -25°C by using 100 per cent green energy. Each unit can reportedly save 20-25 tonnes of CO2 per reefer trailer annually.

Over several months of trials, the two units, according to TIP, successfully ran in full electric mode. The current project data shows that the electric system saved more than 99 per cent of fossil fuels over the last few months.

Based on these results, Maxwell + Spark was able to depict the vast cost and CO2 savings difference between a traditional refrigeration system and their special system. CO2 emission savings are directly proportional to energy savings.

Along with our partners, TIP gathered information from the first test of this pilot in order to develop a roadmap for improving the performance of future units. After making some design improvements, it launched two new optimised units that are now also on Dutch roads, extending the test into the warmer summer months.

Once the full pilot with now four units has completed, the technology could be rolled out across wider parts of Unilever’s fleet of reefer trailers, but also across the wider sector to improve the planet and support businesses in becoming more competitive.

“I am very proud of the results so far; besides time and costs my team added a lot of technical expertise,” said TIP Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rogier Laan.

“TIP has seen its customers increasingly look to adopt cleaner and more efficient trailer solutions, and we want to be the best industry partner.

“We support innovative solutions that drive the industry to be more sustainable. So, we’re keeping a close eye on technical developments within our industry and regularly partner up with other partners, like Maxwell + Spark, to bring sustainable solutions to the market.”

In other news, TIP Trailer Services now offers double deck trailers in its Benelux trailer fleet.

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