Above expectations

The CELSINEO modular trailer refrigeration units – through partnership with Krone and Liebherr – have already been successfully used by numerous customers since their market launch in 2021. And demand is continuously increasing.

The responsible Managing Directors at Krone and Liebherr draw a positive first balance with a thoroughly confident outlook.

“After series production in Germany and Austria in 2021, the order intake in 2022 is above expectations,” said Dr Frank Albers, Managing Director Sales & Marketing at Krone. “With over 500 units delivered at the end of 2022, we will more than meet our targets. My thanks go to the many renowned customers who have placed their trust in us.”

Dirk Junghans, Managing Director Liebherr – Transportation Systems GmbH & Co KG, explained the Europe-wide dimension: “This year, we will continue to market CELSINEO primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Benelux countries. In Spain we took up some days ago the selling activities. Starting from 2023 we want to internationalise then further and take for example the Scandinavian countries into the focus.”

Both managing directors particularly emphasise the successful establishment and expansion of a comprehensive service network.

Service network as a success factor
CELSINEO uses the close-knit Krone service network in Europe, which is being equipped step by step with CELSINEO service expertise. Around 200 service points along the main European traffic routes are already CELSINEO-certified, and in 2022 this network is to be expanded significantly further. For new service partners, the effort is comparatively low because specifically trained refrigeration personnel are not required. The minimum of two service technicians per company undergo a free two- day training course to acquire the necessary know-how. An overhead crane is required in the workshop, and the investment volume for a starter kit is in the low four-digit range. This enables service partners to expand their scope of services at a manageable cost.

Compared with conventional refrigeration systems, CELSINEO service is simpler because the trained service staff can replace a defective refrigeration module quickly and cost-effectively within an hour. Thanks to its unique concept, CELSINEO’s cooling capacity is distributed among three identically designed plug-and-play refrigeration modules, each of which contains an independent, hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit with only a few components. This means another significant advantage for transport companies, because the intelligent control of the three refrigeration modules allows the operating modes cooling and defrosting at the same time. While two modules are cooling, one can be in defrost mode, effectively minimising unwanted temperature spikes during defrost cycles.

Krone Cool Liner as a training centre
To make training as effective as possible, Krone and Liebherr are breaking new ground with the CELSINEO training trailer: A Krone Cool Liner is set up as an education and training centre. In addition to the existing CELSINEO online training offers, this also makes it easy to implement on-site training and mobile product demonstrations for customers as well as for service and maintenance personnel. The trailer is equipped with a CELSINEO demonstration unit outside and a CELSINEO viewing unit inside. A training diesel engine is also on board. The training trailer offers space for nine participants as well as trainers and interpreters. Power sockets and USB power supplies at all seats and a large 4K flat screen complete the equipment. Large windows and air conditioning ensure a bright and comfortable ambience.

Fast Fact
The Liebherr Group is a family-run technology company with a broadly diversified product range. The company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery, but also offers high-quality, benefit-oriented products and services in many other areas. Today, the Group comprises over 140 companies on all continents, employs around 48,000 people and generated total consolidated sales of over 10.3 billion euros in 2020. Since its foundation in 1949 in Kirchdorf an der Iller in southern Germany, Liebherr has pursued the goal of impressing its customers with sophisticated solutions and contributing to technological progress.

The modular cooling unit CELSINEO is a development of Krone and Liebherr and has three cooling modules. The modules of CELSINEO can all be controlled individually. This results in more precise control of the temperature in the loading area. Uninterrupted cooling is ensured by simultaneous cooling and defrosting. The system covers numerous application areas, making the overall trailer system even more versatile.

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