SAF-Holland launches aftermarket guide

SAF-Holland has launched a new Aftermarket Quick Parts Kit Guide.

The guide will provide distributors and dealers with a comprehensive listing of the most popular service parts, kits and tools to meet their fleet customer’s service needs. It also helps to quickly identify the appropriate parts service kits required to preserve the premium performance of SAF-Holland fifth wheels, axle suspensions and landing gear.

SAF-Holland Director of Aftermarket Sales, Kevin Leyton, said the kit will help support the company’s aftermarket customers.

“We are excited to continue to provide the support our aftermarket customers need by offering parts for SAF, Holland, and Neway, product lines,” he said.

“The guide helps to educate and equip our distributors and dealers, while reinforcing the importance of OEM quality SAF-Holland original parts for optimum performance and long life.”

The kits are all readily, available and manufactured to original OEM quality standards.

Authorised distributors and dealers can order them from one of SAF-Holland’s part distribution centres, while fleets can order them through traditional parts sources.

In other news, SAF-Holland, aims to create a new global champion for chassis-related commercial vehicle components.

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