Librelato anticipates profit sharing following achievement

Brazil-based OEM, Librelato, is anticipating profit sharing after announcing that goals set for the first half of the year have been achieved.

Based on this result, the first instalment of the Results Participation Program will be paid later this month.

According to Librelato, more than 1,600 professionals will benefit from the company’s program.

Librelato CEO, José Carlos Sprícigo, emphasised the importance of participation of professionals so that the company could achieve this result.

“The good performance was thanks to the suggestions received for improving products and processes,” he said.

“Ideas and innovations have reached the direction of the company through the ‘Accelerates Librelato’ program, which aims to strengthen relationships with its professionals, in addition to stimulating creative potential, teamwork, initiative, participation, integration and internal communication.”

Librelato also reached a 14 per cent market share in 2022, remaining among the largest implementers in Brazil.

“We increased our participation in 2022 thanks to the innovations implemented throughout the product line, the restructuring of our network of representatives, increased portfolio and investments in new technologies and production processes,” said Sprícigo. “The forecast is to expand market share to 15 per cent by 2023.”

Earlier this year, Librelato agreed to supply 300 premium dumper Rodotrains to Amaggi.

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