BPW supports ARC with app

A smartphone application from BPW assists users with the configuration of Active Reverse Control (ARC), the electrohydraulic auxiliary steering system for self-steering axles.

Initial commissioning, function checks and diagnostics of this system is reported to be easier with the BPW ARC app which is now available to download for free for Android and iOS devices in the Play Store or Apple Store in English, German, French and Italian.

It is designed for vehicle operators, manufacturers and service stations and can be used via a Bluetooth interface to the system control unit.

After downloading the app, users can register for a suitable user profile with BPW with the corresponding user rights.

For example, with basic access, the driver has the option of calling up steering parameters, checking the power supply or viewing alarms. As a registered user, the driver can also adjust the steering sensitivity (reactivity) of the system to their own driving preferences from the standard settings by +/- 20 per cent.

The driving behaviour of the trailer when reversing changes depending on the reactivity settings. A higher degree of reactivity causes the axle to react earlier, meaning that the axle turns in more quickly with a greater angle at the beginning of the turn. Conversely, a lower degree of reactivity means that the steering axle turns into the curve to a lesser extent at the beginning of the curve but realigns itself more quickly during forward travel.

Vehicle manufacturers can use enhanced user functions as part of the commissioning of the electrohydraulic auxiliary steering system, for example to easily select the right configuration for their vehicle via the app, to set the maximum steering angle and bleed the steering axle as well as to perform system tests and view, edit and reset warning messages.

“With our auxiliary steering system Active Reverse Control, drivers can manoeuvre their trailers with self-steering axles faster and more safely, even when reversing,” said BPW Product Manager, Ziya Albayrak.

“The reversing system is particularly interesting for those applications where space for manoeuvring is limited for loading and unloading, for example on narrow streets in city centres or on construction sites and depots.

“The new BPW ARC App now allows vehicle manufacturers and service stations to work efficiently, because all information is available in one app in a user-friendly layout.”

In other news, TIP bolsters its trailer rental fleet thanks to Wielton and BPW.

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