TIP announces major milestone in blind spot training

TIP Trailer Services has trained 400 children and teachers in its blind spot awareness program so far.

The training offers special lessons to children in European schools to raise awareness about the dangers of blind spots on truck and trailer units.

As TIP explained, professional drivers know the danger of blind spots on the road, and must pay particular attention to cyclists and pedestrians. However, not all of those drivers are aware of the danger of limited visibility that comes with a large vehicle.

“Children are less experienced when it comes to road traffic,” TIP said.

“When walking or biking, they sometimes do not yet recognise dangers or are easily distracted.

“With this in mind, it is our concern to make our children aware of the danger of large vehicles. And, even more so, to offer training that shows them in theory and practice how important their behaviour in road traffic is as well and what they need to pay attention to.”

TIP’s training starts with a short theoretical introduction of the topic in the classroom with a quiz. Afterwards, the children are able to explore a TIP semi-trailer which is brought to the school ground.

The children also take part in test sitting in the driver’s cab. By doing this, they are able to experience exactly what a truck driver is able to see of road users and the road itself.

The children can also simulate the blind spot next to the vehicle, and determine at what height can the driver still see pupils in the mirror.

In other news, TIP now offers double deck trailers in its Benelux trailer fleet.

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