Wielton rolls out AGRO trailers

Polish OEM, Wielton, has introduced a new series of trailers, AGRO, which are suited for agriculture applications.

Three of these AGRO trailers were on display at the International Agro Show in Bednary last year.

Volumetric trailer for the transport of biomass
The PRC-2 / V40 model is a 40-metres-cubed high volume trailer designed for the transport of biomass (chaff, maize, grass) and for livestock farms. The construction uses the BOOGIE suspension, which also proved to be perfect for PRC-2HP monocoque trailers. The vehicle is equipped with a hydropneumatically sprung drawbar and a four-chain slat floor feeder with central lubrication of the conveyor’s front bearings. The box is made of trapezoidal profiles and equipped with a door with a ladder allowing easy access to the load. The construction of the box has also been adapted to the assembly of dosing rollers.

Tandem platform for difficult field conditions
A characteristic feature of the PRC-2S / S12 tandem platform for bale transport is the chassis structure made of high-strength steel. Thanks to this, this vehicle will be perfect even in difficult field conditions and in mountainous areas. This universal platform is intended mainly for smaller farms where manoeuvring a trailer or a set of vehicles is significantly difficult. The chassis uses ADR axles approved for up to 40km/h, parabolic springs and an automatic parking brake. The floor of the vehicle is made of 3mm thick sheet metal with raised edges preventing the pallets from sliding down. Additionally, the side edges have holes for attaching load securing belts. Comfort of use is guaranteed by a low ergonomic loading threshold and a cushioned drawbar.

A platform for transporting bales with side protection
The PRS-2S / S12 model is a platform in which the transported bales are effectively secured by hydraulically raised and lowered side boards. This vehicle is designed for smaller farms and for transporting bales over longer distances. The platform is equipped with a durable, 3mm-thick sheet metal floor with raised rims to prevent pallets from sliding down, and holes for fastening straps to secure the load. Comfort and safety of use are ensured by a low, ergonomic loading sill, automatic parking brake, amortised drawbar and parabolic springs.

In April, the Wielton Group has announced a majority share takeover of a Spain-based trailer manufacturer.

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