Wabash unveils parts distribution network

US-based OEM, Wabash, has announced the creation of its new tech-enabled Wabash Parts Distribution Network.

The network is expected to unify and expand Wabash’s parts distribution capabilities across all product lines, while providing immediate scale to grow.

Wabash Parts and Services Vice President, Nick Adler, said the company is able to act as a one-stop-shop for customers, providing in-class parts and services.

“As an end-to-end solutions and service provider, we’re able to offer customers the convenience of working with a one-stop-shop through the entire product lifecycle,” he said.

“We’re excited to bring our customers best-in-class parts and services including a simplified experience, an extensive selection of well-stocked parts, and faster deliveries — all through Wabash.”

Over time, the single distribution network is expected to include the entire Wabash aftermarket portfolio as well as a wide range of transportation parts with increased inventory and faster shipping.

According to Adler, Wabash Parts distribution will leverage the company’s network of equipment dealers’ service capabilities and their national wholesale distribution partners for aftermarket heavy-duty truck and trailers parts, utilising multiple distribution centres across the country.

“Wabash is connecting across the transportation ecosystem to facilitate interactions and improve operations,” he said. “The new Wabash Parts distribution network is leveraging the power of Wabash’s unique position at the intersection of suppliers, dealers and customers, while increasing the distribution capabilities needed to enhance speed and availability to market.”

In other news, Wabash recently posted its latest financial performance results which shows growth across the board.

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