To the extreme: JOST

It takes quality towing hitches and fifth wheels to maximise heavy duty freight applications. JOST provides both and so much more.

Towing hitch RO*58: Perfect solution for extreme heavy haulage ROCKINGER has been part of JOST World since 2001 and is the world’s only manufacturer of an automatic towing hitch for trailer loads of up to 1,000t.

The towing hitch RO*58 is the right solution for highest demands in the special transport segment – there is nothing you can’t tow with it! 300kg net weight reflects the exceptional robustness of the towing hitch. It can be operated easily via the hand lever and is a tried-and-tested heavy-duty hitch with approval for use in road traffic.

JSK 52: Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Coupling for extreme applications JOST offers the Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Coupling JSK 52 for extreme applications such as mining in many parts of the world, e.g. Australia and South East Asia.

It has a fifth wheel load of 74 tonnes and D-value of 400kN and a pin bearing with optimum tipping angle with the proven safe JOST locking mechanism. The coupling has a special robust construction to cope with this heavy-duty application. Moreover, the fifth wheel is prepared for a connection to a central lubrication system which facilitates maintenance.

JOST selects special material properties. It’s manufactured from forged, quenched and tempered and crack-tested blanks to meet the high-quality requirements. Also, the fifth wheel is designed to meet all re-quirements, the functional dimensions and the highest international safety requirements.

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