Total flexibility

Austria-based OEM, Schwarzmüller, designs and manufactures a range of heavy commercial vehicles including low loaders for specific industry applications.

Schwarzmüller Group is a family-owned enterprise based in Austria with 21 locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to providing a broad range of trailing equipment options, the OEM also provides optimised solutions for almost every industry. More than once, the premium manufacturer and innovation leader has set the pace regarding payload and handling and is decidedly adding value to everyday applications.

A key consideration for transport operators is the longevity of the equipment investment. Fleets are generally looking for hard wearing and quality trailers that will endure rigorous, long term use. The lifetime of the vehicle is something Schwarzmüller takes into consideration which is why the manufacturer provides other services such as maintenance, spare parts as well as rentals and leasing options to ensure optimal fleet uptime.

Schwarzmüller builds special purpose vehicles from its headquarters in upper Austria. Standard and near-standard vehicles are made in the Czech Republic and Hungary, while skip container vehicles roll out of Neustadt/Dosse.

This manufacturing output is supported by approx. 350 service centres which are strategically located along major European transport routes to ensure transport businesses can keep moving.

Since 1871, Schwarzmüller has been working to win and retain industrial innovation and technology leadership based on the competency and knowhow of its employees. Lightweight design and its benchmarks set by Schwarzmüller for over 25 years is but one example.

Other areas include construction, metal structures or welding where Schwarzmüller periodically kicks off new developments or often is the first supplier using new vehicle manufacturing technologies. This is how the OEM turns innovation into mass production.

Intelligent solutions
Low-loader vehicles from Schwarzmüller are generally considered to be quite versatile in their application. They can transport construction machinery with a weight of up to 60 tonnes – but also timber, containers and other bulky goods. Each low-loader vehicle is characterised by optimum transformability which allows it to adapt to a wide range of requirements.

Schwarzmüller low-loader vehicles are designed with the robustness, durability and optimum flexibility that you would expect from premium products: they have more to offer and last longer. The unique pallets for approx. 30 different vehicle groups, with axles ranging from two to five, various platforms, components from different manufacturers and diverse range of extra equipment serve only one purpose: Overcoming any challenge in the transportation of construction machinery or building materials.

Schwarzmüller offers drawbar, central-axle and semi-trailer vehicles in two to five-axle configuration and with various different steering axles. The platforms are available in straight, offset or even removable designs. Equipping these with stanchions for timber transportation or with twistlocks for containers expands the range of usage possibilities even more. Hydraulically lowerable platforms make it possible to achieve added loading height where required.

The Schwarzmüller intelligent concept includes an extensive range of configuration details and equipment options to further optimise use by sector and cargo. The rear loading ramp is for instance also available in a two-part configuration and is height-adjustable as standard. There is also the option of vertical and horizontal hydraulic ramp actuation. An accessory compartment and optional toolboxes ensure sufficient stowage space. Pull-out warning signs and warning beacons complete the legally stipulated configuration for special transportations. It is not just the loading process that offers added value; greater stability, easier handling and increased safety for the driver are also key factors.

“Schwarzmüller’s low-loader vehicles are permanently on the move because they adapt to many different uses,” said Schwarzmüller CEO, Roland Hartwig. “This is our promise.”

Since the low-loader vehicles supplied by Europe’s largest niche manufacturer not only carry heavy construction machinery but also laminated timber, steel girders, containers or special machines, their service time increases by up to 40 per cent. A hydraulically lowering low bed and laterally extending load carriers further increase their versatility. The vehicles feature two to five axles on numerous variants with different drawbar, central axle and semitrailer configurations.

There are 14 quality features that characterise a standard configuration Schwarzmüller low-loader vehicle.

The offset platform ensures a low loading height in the low bed to enable the transportation of higher vehicles.

The foldable single-piece drive-up folds downwards to allow driving onto the loading surface.
Laterally-sliding ramps can be slid sideways manually so that vehicles with different track widths can be loaded without an issue.

Folding supports on the ramps extend automatically when the ramp opens – these prevent the trailer from shooting up the front during the loading process.

Pull-out extensions or load carriers can be extended up to a width of three metres for the transportation of wider vehicles.

Storage compartments for the widening boards are mounted underneath the loading surface.

Pull-out warning signs come as standard and are ideal indicators for facilitating safer transportation with excess-width vehicles.

A warning beacon with bracket serves as warning for other road users most commonly used with special transportation.

Pockets in the outer frame can house formed pipework and there are also lashing mushrooms and rings for optimal load restraint.

The loading surface is typically fitted with a larch wood floor– hardwood flooring is also available.

There are also storage compartments for accessories at the front of the platform and for increased manoeuvrability the trailers are also designed to incorporate steering axles.

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