Robust and reliable

As a result of its engineering excellence, Kässbohrer offers a complete construction product range including fixed, extendable, hydraulic low beds, low loaders for heavy-duty transportation, and fixed and extendable low bed platforms.

With more than 30 different robust low bed vehicles, Kässbohrer is a top choice for operators across the European heavy transportation sector.

To apply its engineering excellence to customers’ needs and to enhance its success in the low bed segment, the OEM has developed its product range in terms of extension, steering type, the number of axles, main dimensions such as platform length, width, and height as well as custom made solutions to better accommodate the needs of its customers in more than 55 countries.

To overcome specific freight challenges, Kässbohrer presents a complete low bed range for loads under 100 tonnes. The range also includes more than 30 vehicles that can be configured from two- to six-axle options.

For versatile heavy haulage transportation Kässbohrer has a fixed and extendable low bed series, Low-Loaders for heavy-duty transportation, and fixed and extendable low-bed platforms.

K.SLS fixed low beds for heavy goods and machinery
There are several options for kingpin and axle capacity, lateral extension brackets, pillars, and pillar pockets as well as lashing ring options designed for optimal load distribution. For the transportation of heavy goods and heavy machinery, K.SLS is, according to the manufacturer, a reliable choice with its lighter chassis design for maximum payload.

K.SLS also features hydraulic gooseneck access ramp and more than 40 ramp options for ease of applications as well as robust flooring options including steel grids hardwood, and rubber. The fixed low bed series is available with either three or four axles.

K.SLA extendable low beds for long and heavy loads
For the transportation of long and heavy loads, Kässbohrer K.SLA is an ideal choice with up to 6,200mm extendable chassis design with 500mm increments, three-step side extension and more than 40 different sliding ramps, as well as two pairs of wheel recesses. Equipped with advanced security features and up to 32 lashing rings, each with a capacity of six, eight, 10 or 13.4 tonnes, K.SLA series offers every option for the fast and safe transportation of goods. K.SLA series is available with wither three, four, five or six axles.

Hydraulic low beds for the harshest road conditions
The K.SLH series is engineered for extreme heavy haulage transportation delivering peak performance even at the narrowest corners.

K.SLH is designed to comfortably transport all goods by optimal weight distribution, hydraulic steering axles.

The series comes in three or four axle configurations with extendable and non-extendable options that are easily manoeuvrable by progressive hydraulic steering, wireless remote steering control, and auto-alignment systems under the toughest road and working conditions while prolonging tyre life and performance.

Shifting high and heavy goods with low loaders
Kässbohrer’s low-loader semi-trailer series K.SLL is engineered for the demanding requirements of high and heavy goods transportation and includes low-loaders with two to three axles, equipped with hydraulic steering and pneumatic suspension.

With a special platform height, the K.SLL series enables transportation of heavy goods within 4,000mm total convoy height limitation.

Versatile, robust low bed platforms
The low-bed platform series K.SPA is suited for long and pointy loads and is available with either three and four axles.

K.SPA enables robust and safe transport solutions for heavy, flat, and long goods with up to 6,900mm extension supported by its rigid central chassis. While K.SPA X series with three or four axles is compatible with standard trucks, K.SPA M series is engineered to couple with two axle and three axle trucks with a coupling height of 900mm to 1,250mm.

Meanwhile, the fixed low bed platform semi-trailer K. SPS H series is reported to be the finest example of heavy-duty engineering including three or four axles as well as coupling options with standard and mega trucks for the transportation of point loads.

K.SPS H series provides flexible and safe transportation solutions for heavy, long, flat, and even ballast loads with its strong and flat chassis, variable container positioning combinations, and different load safety options such as Code XL certified front panel which is resistant to up to 22,5-tonne longitudinal loads.

The best fit for construction machinery transportation
The K.SLA R 4 extendable low-bed semi-trailer with four axles is engineered for the transportation of construction equipment, farming, and foresting machinery. K.SLA R 4 provides safe transportation of loads with its robust chassis made of S700MC steel and enables higher payload and fuel-saving on unloaded journeys with its low tare weight of 13,250kg.

Available with wheel recess as standard, K.SLA R 4 can be offered with various lashing rings with five to 10-tonne capacity, 3 x 2 rows of vertical pillar pockets, and pillar pockets on side raves to enable multi-functional and flexible transportation. Moreover, the vehicle can be equipped with options such as steel-supported wheel recess that make the platform straight, axle lifting, metallisation, rear ramps, and gooseneck ramps.

The K.SLL 2 for the lowest loading height
Kässbohrer’s low-loader semi-trailer with two axles K.SLL 2 is the perfect solution for heavy-duty applications and is an ideal choice of bulk and high-load haulers with its robust and strong construction that enables secure transportation.

With the ground clearance of just 100mm, K.SLL 2 is the lowest low loader and accommodates the maximum height on heavy-haulage transportation.

The vehicle enables flexible transportation of tall and heavy goods with its special pool length of 6.810mm and king-pin capacity of up to 24 tonnes and does not require for additional permission for excess height.

The vehicle is offered with a detachable gooseneck shortening the time needed for loading operations of construction and work machines while enhancing operational safety with the front-loading capability.

Lowest, strongest extendable low bed platform
K.SPA M, an extendable low bed platform semi-trailer with three axles, is a fine example of heavy-duty engineering. It provides flexible and safe transportation solutions for heavy, long, flat, and ballast loads thanks to its extendable, strong, and flat chassis, variable container positioning combinations, and different load safety options such as Code XL certified front panel which is resistant to up to 22.5-tonne longitudinal loads.

Adaptable to mega trucks, K.SPA M enhances operational flexibility with its extendable chassis up to 6,900mm and sliding platform features. Moreover, the metallisation coating technology, provides maximum durability against corrosion and rust perforation.

Behind the scenes of Kässbohrer low bed manufacturing
Kässbohrer has invested in a low bed and special vehicles factory that is reported to have the highest installed capacity across Europe.

Completed in June 2019, Kässbohrer’s factory has capacity to produce 2,500 vehicles per year. The factory is built on a total area of 60,000 square metres and all manufacturing processes are completed in a single hall. The facility operates according to Industry 4.0 principles with RFID latching crane systems, barcode positioning technology, robot-assisted chassis welding, and painting, as well as automatic surface blasting and metallisation, carried out in the integrated coating and paint shop facilities. Also, Kässbohrer established a roll test centre which is an essential test process in the final stages of production.

Outstanding aftersales support and financing
Kässbohrer is also constantly expanding its aftersales service network and has reached 652 locations.
In addition to its services including aftersales services and spare parts, the manufacturer has also established partnerships with leading leasing companies via its K-Finance program. In 2021, the OEM established a new partnership with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions in Spain and France and EFL in Poland which is applicable to Kässbohrer’s entire product range.

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