JOST unveils latest braking tech

Equipment specialist, JOST, presents its latest braking technology innovations.

JOST presents new 19.5″ brake DCA U6
JOST’s new DCA-U6 disc brake for 19.5“ applications is designed for maximum payload through a weight-saving construction. A weight saving of 15 kilograms per three-axle unit enables an increased payload and makes operation significantly more economical and efficient. An optional wear sensing system (BWI) ensures sustainable control of tyre wear. The use of a closed bearing system provides better protection against the external environment. Both trailer manufacturers and fleets benefit from a lower weight, higher payload, optimised ease of maintenance as well as highest quality and reliability.

JOST’s new brake DCA U6: Blue brake pads from JOST
Brake pads are exposed to the most adverse weather and road conditions. This all has a challenging and massive impact on the performance of brake pads. Extensive field test become inevitable. More than 1.500.000 km of road testing with all

kinds of commercial vehicles, from long distance transport to construction vehicles, show the better efficiency of JOST pads: higher longevity and an optimised wear behaviour of both pad and disc.

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