KLV Rent turns to Schmitz Cargobull for reliability and product quality

Austria-based commercial vehicle rental company, KLV Rent, has expanded its fleet with Schmitz Cargobull swap chassis.

The A.WF trailer swap chassis, Z.WF central axle swap chassis and S.CF semi-trailer container chassis now strengthen the rental company’s extensive range.

“I am very pleased that Schmitz Cargobull has expanded its range of swap bodies,” said KLV Rent owner and Managing Director, Bernd Kaindlsdorfer.

“Due to the long-standing partnership and our positive experience in terms of reliability and product quality, we have ordered directly from Schmitz Cargobull again.

“We deliberately rely on a strong partner in order to offer our customers maximum durability and operational safety.”

As an extension of its product portfolio, Schmitz Cargobull reintroduced the A.WF and Z.WF swap bodies for the transport of swap bodies after several years, in addition to the semi-trailer container chassis.

These vehicles for swap body operation are particularly adaptable with a wide range of parking heights and are characterised by a simple and robust design. Optimally equipped to facilitate rough swap body operation, they enable economical handling of swap bodies. Optionally, the chassis are also available in hot-dip galvanised design.

“Hot-dip galvanising is an absolute quality feature for us and was one of the decisive factors in our decision to use Schmitz Cargobull products,” said Dietmar Lehner, authorised signatory at KLV Rent.”

The hot-dip galvanised chassis is corrosion-resistant and offers optimum protection against rust-through. All galvanised parts in the chassis are covered by a 10-year warranty against rust-through. This contributes to the high value stability and value retention of the chassis, which is clearly reflected in the resale value. For commercial vehicles, galvanising offers optimum surface protection, as conventional mechanical stresses in everyday transport do not leave any lasting traces.

KLV Rent has been active in the commercial vehicle industry for over 35 years and is one of the leading manufacturer-independent commercial vehicle rental companies in Austria and Germany. Originally focused on the commercial vehicle trade, KLV Rent expanded into the rental business in 1989. KLV Rent currently has four locations in Austria, where a total of approx. 550 vehicles are currently in use.

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