Schmitz Cargobull shares management updates

A number of changes have occurred across the Schmitz Cargobull business.

The OEM held its last Supervisory Board meeting on 29 March 2022.

As part of a planned succession policy, Schmitz Cargobull welcomed a new member to the Supervisory Board. Karin Hageböck succeeded Heinz Pfeffer who has transitioned into the release phase of his partial retirement.

Hageböck is the Managing Director, the first authorised representative and the Treasurer of the IG Metall branch in Rheine, and is Pfeffer’s direct successor within the union.

The Annual General Meeting was overshadowed by the sudden death of IG Metall representative, Pietro Bazzoli. He had been a member of the Board since September 2019, and was the first authorised representative of IG Metall Bocholt.

Schmitz Cargobull AG Supervisory Board Chairman, Dirk Hoffmann, said Pietro will be remembered for his dedication to the business.

“We are deeply shaken by the sudden death of our Supervisory Board member,” he said.

“We will remember Pietro Bazzoli for his dedication and his focus on achieving solutions. Our condolences and deepest sympathies go out to his family.”

During the meeting, the Supervisory Board also confirmed the early extension of the Management Board seats of Boris Billich (Sales) and Andreas Busacker (Finance) for a further five years.

Dirk Hoffmann said the early contract extensions reflect the company’s success in recent years.

“The Management Board has successfully faced the demanding tasks throughout this entire past period,” he said.

“In view of the major challenges ahead of us, we would like to provide both the management team and the company as a whole with a stable, shared perspective.”

Dr Günter Schweitzer will now also represent Operations on the Management Board, taking over from Michael Grund.

In other news, an Italian transport and logistics company has modernised its fleet with Schmitz Cargobull curtainsiders.

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