JOST KKS launches in the UK

The latest automatic coupling system from JOST was recently unveiled at Donington Park, Derby.

Attendees at the launch event were able to see JOST KKS in action. It is a remote-control trailer hitching solution that automates the coupling and uncoupling process.

“My overall impression of the KKS is how simple it is, and being able to do that from the drivers’ seat,” said DAF Trucks UK Marketing Manager, Phil Moon.

“Eliminating a lot of the risk areas associated with what can be a quite hazardous task.”

Don-Bur Group Marketing Manager, Richard Owens, said it was radically different in terms of the auto coupling system solutions.

“The KKS system is one way of engineering out a lot of the problems that are associated with coupling process,” he said. “It’s a good route forward.”

Road Haulage Association Technical Director, Paul Allera, agreed it is a fantastic system.

“I think the KKS is a great addition to any fleet,” he said.

“Technological solutions like this are always welcome in the transport industry. For many years things haven’t changed between how we couple & uncouple a trailer, now for things to be futuristic is far better.”

Tiger Trailers Technical Sales Manager, Tom Stott, also agreed with the group consensus.

“The safe practice of the coupling and uncoupling method is significant,” he said.

“The impact of a system like this from a cost saving point of view and more importantly health and safety is really important.”

GXO Logistics Fleet Engineer, Gavin Holmes, was also impressed.

“It will assist the drivers in coupling and uncoupling trailers and make it a safer process for them, improving safety across the industry,” he said.

Learn more about JOST KKS here.

This innovation also won an award last year.

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