High quality GRP for tanks

Highly resistant to corrosion and very easy to clean, easy to repair and refurbish, Brianza Plastica GRP laminates give a higher value for leasing containers.

Brianza Plastica, the Italian Company with 60 years of history in the production of fibreglass laminates, counts today four production sites, with both continuous hot-laminating and discontinuous cold-laminating procedure to meet the different needs of customers in a fast growing and increasingly demanding market.

Brianza Plastica production focuses on achieving high levels of quality, while ensuring high degree of safety and low environmental impact: in fact, all Brianza Plastica’s fibreglass laminates production sites are equipped with powerful suction systems that purify the internal production areas by carrying the solvents to modern abatement plants that automatically powers itself by recovering the heat generated by the combustion of solvent. The heat recovered is partly reused to power the plant and partly to generate hot water for heating.

Brianza Plastica recently inaugurated a new laboratory for research and development and production control activities. The new laboratory is three times bigger than the previous one and also benefits from a significant increase in technical staff. It has also been expanded by additional equipment to carry out most of the chemical-physical tests on the raw materials used and on the finished products. The new facility is equipped with the most advanced instruments to support the production processes and composite laminates.

A wide and complete range allows customers to choose between Elycold fibreglass laminates, high quality products that stand out for the near invisibility of the fibreglass – thanks to the cold polymerisation of the material – and for the production flexibility that allows producing customised products even in small quantities, and Elyplan fibreglass laminates, which are characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio, the possibility to produce rolls in lengths as requested.

Elycold is a combination of polyester resin (orthophthalic and isophthalic) and glass fibre; over the years this composite material has replaced aluminium providing manufacturers with excellent long-term properties and UV protection.

Elycold laminates have the polymerisation process at room temperature. The result is perfect flatness, which is an indispensable feature for the production of very high quality panels with very good aesthetics.

The excellent dimensional stability of Elycold laminates is guaranteed by the use of fibreglass chopped strand mat, which can be combined with woven roving reinforcement to further improve the mechanical features of the laminate.
Low shrinkage resins provide a high resistance to UV-light and ensure:

  • A perfect overlay of the underlying fibreglass.
  • Long time surface durability.
  • Total impermeability and protection of the insulation inside the panel
  • A low level of yellowing recorded by ageing tests performed with UV – CON.

The high quality of Elyplan is guaranteed through the use of the finest raw materials and a gelcoat made from highly elastic isophthalic resins, ensuring high resistance to yellowing, impermeability to water vapor and condensations.

Elyplan gives complete protection from humidity of the panel’s sensitive elements, either expanded insulations or plywood based elements. It also helps maintain the insulation material’s integrity ensuring ATP certifications are kept on a long term basis or a better performance of refrigeration machines.

The extreme flexibility, lightness, resistance to chemicals and yellowing, and easy washability of the Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates make them an excellent choice for covering liquid tank containers of any size or colour.
Brianza Plastica GRP is highly resistant to corrosion and very easy to clean. It’ easy to repair and refurbish, giving a higher value for leasing containers.

Brianza Plastica offers the largest proposal on the market for the tank containers sector, with many solutions able to satisfy every request:

  • Elycold, for high aesthetic requirements, 1.8-2.0 mm.
  • Elyplan std, for std tank with no specific requirements, GRP of 1.8-2.0 mm roving.
  • Elyplan Extraglass, for high resistance and light weight 1.5 mm (up to 17 per cent weight saving compared to Elycold 2.0 mm) and tensile strength up to 230 Mpa (compared to 95 Mpa of Elycold 2.0 mm).

This product is the result of synergies between different chemical and technical departments aimed at meeting the ever-increasing market demands for more effective materials. Elyplan Extra-Glass was designed to bring together very special characteristics in a single product, such as lightness, given by low specific weight, and high mechanical strength, coming from the high percentage of glass inside.

Elyplan Extra-Glass is suitable for vehicles that require high impact resistance and weight saving. All products are available in sheets and rolls.

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