Wielton reports revenue growth and expansion plans

The Wielton Group has increased year-on-year revenues by more than 48 per cent and has plans to expand and modernise operations in Europe.

In 2021 Wielton Group revenue was 2.69 billion PLN (approx. €591,376,647) which exceeds the assumed level by 12 per cent in line with preliminary results.

This boost in revenues, according to the Poland-based OEM, is the result of greater than assumed increase in sales volumes and an increase in product prices, as well as the positive impact of exchange rates.

The group, according to preliminary data, achieved an EBITDA result higher by almost 43 per cent.

A year earlier, despite cost pressures and limited availability of raw materials and components, the group achieved an estimated EBITDA margin of 5.1 per cent.

In 2022, Wielton expects further growth in sales volumes to the amount of 26,000 units of equipment and revenues to the level of approx. 3.8 billion PLN (approx. €835,413,954). The EBITDA margin is expected to reach approx. 6.0 per cent.

The group aims to continue expanding its production capacity and increasing operational efficiency.

“We maintain a strong position of the third player on the European market, and the achieved results and completed investments constitute a solid basis for further growth,” said Wielton Group President of the Management Group, Paweł Szataniak.

The group is also focused on the expansion and modernisation of its plants in Europe.

“The key goals of the Wielton Group for 2022 are further, dynamic growth of the scale of operations, maintaining the security of the supply chain in the face of the persistent limitations in the availability of raw materials and components, as well as optimal management of working capital and human resources,” said Szataniak.

“It is equally important to further strengthen the market position based on an innovative product offer, adapted to the changing needs of our customers.

“This year, we are planning large-scale investments of approximately 150 million PLN, which we will spend mainly on the expansion and modernisation of production plants in Poland, France and Great Britain.

“We are currently finalising work on the development strategy for the coming years, which we plan to announce at the turn of April and May this year.”

In other news, TIP bolstered its rental fleet with Wielton trailers.

Last year, Wielton developed a ‘slim’ steel coil transporter.

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