Krone spare parts brand turns over €1M

Germany-based OEM, Krone, has reported success with its spare parts subsidiary which turned over one million euros in its first year of operation.

More than 300 different tested brand-name spare parts, which cover more than 80 per cent of the common wear parts on trailers, can be ordered from Krone throughout Europe since January 2021.

The range extends from axle parts and ABS sensors to brake drums, air suspension bags and disc brake pads.

Krone obtains spare parts directly from well-known manufacturers such as BPW, SAF-Holland and JOST, who also supply Krone with original equipment. Krone Trusted spare parts are not only suitable for Krone vehicles, but also for trailers from other manufacturers.

Ralf Faust, Managing Director Service of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group, is very satisfied with the results.

“We don’t want to offer the cheapest product, but serve the growing demand for affordable quality products,” he said. “With this strategy, we succeed in reaching mixed fleets with a wide variety of brands.”

Ewald Gronewald, Sales Manager DACH Spare Parts/Krone Trusted, said: “Our most important step was to set up an independent sales structure, so we visit customers and interested parties personally on site. At the same time, our online shop is heavily frequented, especially by independent workshops. As a matter of principle, we do not sell to other dealers – our customers are and remain workshops and fleet operators.”

In order to provide competent support for any repair work that needs to be done, corresponding drawings and instructions are available in the shop. The Profi Liner repair catalogue, for example, which describes the replacement of a bulkhead including the time required, is already online. This archive is being continuously expanded.

Another project for 2022 concerns the handling of decentralised warehouses for stocking at the customer’s site. A first pilot container in Hamburg is currently undergoing a test run.

Ralf Faust has concrete plans for the near future of Krone Trusted: “First and foremost, we want to further expand the Krone Trusted range. We will also strengthen our sales activities and enlarge Ewald Gronewald’s team.”

In other news, logistics provider, Online Group, has taken delivery of 20 new curtainsiders from Krone UK.

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