Great Dane rebrands

US-based OEM, Great Dane, has unveiled a brand change, one that represents the company’s focus on end-to-end solutions for the transportation industry, and a horizon defined by digital connectivity.

To complement the company’s strategic foundation, a new visual identity is being launched to support future communications—including the iconic Great Dane logo.

“Our new strategic direction builds on our strengths, while maximising our growth potential to ensure we are ready for an increasingly digital future,” said Great Dane President, Dean Engelage.

“Great Dane’s bold, new brand design reflects our vision to seamlessly connect products, data, and services for a complete transportation solution.

“And we’re putting the people responsible for the transportation of goods at the heart of our brand.”

This new strategy highlights the vital connections found within the Great Dane ecosystem, with a future-focus on trailer and truck body innovations, telematics, and enhanced aftermarket services.

“By dedicating our resources to people, products, and data-driven services today, together, we are able to deliver on the promises of a digital tomorrow,” said Brandie Fuller, Great Dane’s VP of Commercial Excellence. “That is what this brand evolution is all about. It is what Great Dane is all about.”

Great Dane will continue to meet the demands of an evolving industry through its collective experience, high-performance products, connectivity, and custom solutions. To honour the heritage of the company, the emblems on the back of Great Dane trailers and truck bodies will remain as part of the visual identity.

Great Dane’s story encompasses 120-plus years of connections. The company is reloading innovation with new ways of thinking beyond the trailer, through connectivity within an integrated Great Dane ecosystem.

Last year, Great Dane confirmed FleetPulse would come as standard on all its trailers.

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