LAG Trailers designs AdBlue installation

Belgium-based tanker specialist, LAG Trailers, has designed an AdBlue discharge installation under its own approval.

To reduce wear and tear and improve servicing requirements, the LAG AdBlue discharge equipment does not feature moving parts and can also be connected to an additive pump.

Master Designer, Verstraten, said the business identified increasing demand for connecting additive pump to AdBlue dispensers.

“In order for an Adblue pump to function optimally, an additive is indispensable,” he said. “This is certainly where our AdBlue installation comes in handy.”

LAG Trailers will provide its own AdBlue tankers with this option as standard.

The new unloading installation was designed entirely in-house at LAG Trailers in Bree, Belgium. The company produces and assembles the new parts entirely at its own production site in Limburg. the company also uses Belgian pumps of the brand Packo that lend themselves perfectly to pumping AdBlue.

In other news, last year, Netherlands-based bulk transport carrier, Albert Keijzer, expanded its fleet with LAG silo vehicles.

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