Hyva is on a mission to bring tipping to the 21st century

Tipping Solutions specialist, Hyva, provides a complete product portfolio backed by a global service and support network including the Alpha Series front-end tipping cylinder which delivers reliable performance with high quality and low weight components.

Hyva is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries. With over 20,000 customers and more than 40 per cent global market share in front-end tipping cylinders, Hyva’s solutions move the world.

Today, after being in operation for more than 40 years, Hyva is present in 110-plus countries, has more than 30 fully owned subsidiaries, has reached extraordinary service coverage and leverages a manufacturing base that includes 12 production facilities across China, India, Brazil and Europe

Your worldwide solutions provider
The growth and success of Hyva is built on two key aspects of its operation – the quality and innovative nature of the company’s solutions, and the excellence of its customer support. The first of these, product quality, is illustrated by the fact that Hyva today offers the strongest front-end hydraulic telescopic cylinder in the world, as well as fixed mounted and rolling truck cranes, container lifting systems (hookloaders and skiploaders) and waste collection units. These solutions are used worldwide across a range of sectors including transport, construction, mining, materials handling and environmental services providers.

Service quality, too, is a fundamental part of the Hyva business philosophy: With operations in more than 110 countries, the company operates one of the world’s most extensive customer support networks in the industry. It is a network which has earned Hyva an international reputation for excellence in customer care.

Realising the need for safer tipping solutions
Hyva is leading a global trend to improve safety on the road, at job sites, and even among the community – tipping related accidents will become something of the past.

The new Hyva Smart Guide aims at providing critical information to the driver to enable decision making and preventing accidents from happening. Looking towards the future, Hyva is working on a new line of Digital Tipping Solutions (DTS) systems that feature advanced control mechanisms aimed at (semi-)autonomous tipping. This technology fuels the new line of ‘SMART’ products which aim to improve tipper control for drivers everywhere.

Following trends in electrification Hyva sees opportunities to further reduce emission by optimising energy usage and optimising tipping. With Smart, Hyva is setting a step in the right direction to achieve truly sustainable zero-emission transport.

Available now, Hyva offers its Hyva Smart Guide System which provides safety signals relating to side load and overload conditions, payload indication and blackbox storage data. It also features fleet management software to help businesses improve tipper operator behaviour as well as boost safety and productivity.

Hyva Smart in-situ.

This guidance system has been extensively validated around the globe from hot temperature mining in India to the arctic climate in Russia.

“We are committed to being the world’s best provider of tipping solutions to the commercial vehicle industry,” said Michiel Moorthamer, Line of Business Director Tipping Solutions at Hyva. “To live up to that promise, taking into account the latest trends, we are dedicated to providing solutions to the tipping truck and trailer industry that are a perfect fit for electric trucks, actively preventing tipping accidents to happen, improving efficiency to the daily operation as well as allowing body builders and trailer manufacturers to add more value to their products.”

Innovative leaps and bounds
The Alpha Series front-end tipping system, which made its initial market debut in 2014, is still the benchmark in the industry today. It can operate up to 250 bar and is lighter, faster, safer and more efficient. It is also the latest and fifth generation of front-end tipping solutions released by Hyva and is available worldwide. The Alpha generation has made a significant difference and is increasing the productivity of tipping trucks and trailers.

But the next big leap in tipping solution market, according to Hyva, will not be through better hardware, but through advanced control systems providing better control, more insight and greater safety for drivers.

“The next step for Hyva will be to have intelligent control systems to bring tipping into the 21st century” said Erik Knippels, Product Manager Digital at Hyva. “These will allow optimal utilisation of the tipping system with maximum efficiency in any operating condition.”

Fast Fact
Hyva has a dedicated department for the development of advanced control systems and smart products.

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