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In January 2015, JOST took over Mercedes-Benz Trailer Axle Systems and became an important manufacturer of truck and trailer axles in Europe. The latest innovations on offer is the command steer axle ZGA. In addition, the new DCA-U6 brake was also launched.

Command Steer Axle ZGA: For optimal manoeuvrability even in limited spaces
Narrow depots, winding city streets and a 16.5m long tractor-trailer that needs to be steered safely – this is where conventional axle systems reach their limits and the use of a command steer axle is required.

The JOST ZGA can be used with all common steering systems, whether mechanical, hydraulic or electronic and impresses with outstanding performance features such as the low steering radius.

The command steer axle from JOST is the technological leader with its low rolling radius. The low rolling radius also has a positive effect on the actuator force, which is up to 70 per cent lower than that of comparable axles. Additional batteries become redundant and greater flexibility is gained in the design of the steering systems.

DCA-U6: The new 19.5″ brake from JOST
The DCA-U6 disc brake for 19.5“-applications is designed for maximum payload through a weight-saving construction. A weight saving of 15 kilograms per three-axle unit enables an increased payload and makes operation significantly more economical and efficient. An optional wear sensing system (BWI) ensures sustainable control of tyre wear. The use of a closed bearing system provides better protection against the external environment.

“The two product launches expand the JOST Axes portfolio with technologically advantageous solutions for our end customers,” said Alexander Schmid, Product Manager JOST Axles. “The JOST ZGA impresses with its quality, manoeuvrability and low energy consumption. Our philosophy of technical leadership combined with close customer involvement creates unbeatable added value.”

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