Bright as day

Aspöck Systems has unveiled a new innovative lighting system for trucks and trailers, the Workpoint II lamp range.

With a light intensity of up to 3,000 lumen and 5,700 Kelvin, similar to sunlight, the power packs from the new product range promise a lot when it comes to light, regardless of whether they are controlled in segments, dimmed or switched individually or illuminated at 360 degrees.

The innovative optics also promote the optimum distribution of light and, after dark, it generates a light colour that is similar to daylight.

A reversing manoeuvre must be able to be perceived audibly and visually. The Workpoint II working lamp on the truck or trailer provides a visible signal along with the audible warning, thus guaranteeing the safety of all road users.

Optional activation of an LED spotlight can also be useful when loading and unloading freight. Dazzling third parties or yourself can be avoided by selective fade-outs within the working lamp. The residual light from faded out areas then ensures that individuals and other obstacles are detected in good time – perfect for preventing accidents.

The first power pack of the series – the Workpoint II 1500 – has a rotation range of -35 to 100 degrees making it flexible to mount in any working area. There is also an option for the high-quality stainless steel mounting bracket to be hidden when fitted. The LED working lamp is made of a powder-coated aluminium heat sink with excellent corrosion resistance. The lens has been lowered so that the frame provides further protection against damage.

The power pack – Workpoint II 1500.

Even at the maximum luminous output, the power consumption remains very low while the lighting performance is high. To be exact: 13 Watt at 1500 lumen. Workpoint II 1500 offers the highest protection class (IP6K9K). Vibration-tested, shock-resistant up to 52 g and successful completion of a 480-hour salt spray test affirm the robustness of the new working lamp.

Two other specialised models are also being added to the new Workpoint II series of working lamps: Workpoint II Matrix + Optics will be showcased at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover, Germany, in March 2022.

Two times two equals four – that is exactly how many pixels the new Workpoint II Matrix lamp has. Two for close range and two for long-distance and all without any glare. The working lamps can be controlled in segments with an actual luminosity of 3000 lumens. A 360-degree area can be illuminated with 48 pixels by linking the lights together. Workpoint II Optics is very similar to the human eye with its moveable light cone and a lighting performance of 3,000 lumen. Try it for yourself: Keep your head straight, look straight ahead and now move your eye horizontally by 90 degrees and vertically by 90 degrees without moving your head. Everything that is controlled by your brain is completed by a joystick for the optics.

Aspöck Systems offers a wide range of standard wiring systems for all of the segments that are available to customers directly from the warehouse. Before the working lamp with a tested lighting performance of 1,000 to 3,000 lumen could even be realised, one of the prerequisites for the whole range of Workpoint II products was that it could be fully integrated in the well-known Aspöck wiring system.

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