CargoMatic, the ultimate green logistics solution

An environmentally friendlier and autonomous 24VDC solution is available for the CargoMatic logistics transport system.

Two high power lightweight battery cells are mounted under the trailer, the battery driven CargoMatic has a range of 15 loading/unloading cycles and can recharge during the transport journey by the alternator of the truck. The driver has an app available that shows the load status and other functionalities in real time.

There is also the possibility to set an alarm to warn the if the battery threatens to get too low a voltage.

In addition to autonomous unloading, the noise level is very low and unloading can also take place at night in residential areas.

The CargoMatic realises the JIT delivery of all energy cells for the Volkswagen ID3 and ID4 Volkswagen has opted for trailers with the CargoMatic chain drive system, complete with an integrated and fully automated load security system. This guarantees and streamlines the supply chain of its energy cells for the VW ID3 and ID4 models. Without the intervention of a forklift truck, the energy cells are unloaded in the assembly factory and then transported into production fully automatically. Because the energy cells are placed on a special transport frame with an extreme heigh weight (up to 6,000kg per transport frame) the CargoMatic is designed with HD triplex transport chains running on a special extreme stable and strong aluminium chain support. For the total load only two tracks are needed, the result of the light own weight of the system is more payload.

Perfectly positioned and aligned, trailers are loaded within two minutes.

CargoMatic anti-slip slat
With the application of the patented anti-slip slat, the vehicle meets the applicable safety requirements and load securing.

As the applications are increasingly used more intensively, CargoMatic has developed a new anti-slip solution in which the anti-slip cord is provided with many resistance ribs and where the cord can be slid into the slat without having to be glued or fixed. This is especially ideal in case of a possible replacement of the cord. To be able to transport plastic pallets, IBS on steel frame or steel crates in a safe matter the anti-slip slat is an absolute must.

CargoMatic 2.0
CargoMatic has developed a new control module, which is equipped with the most modern control technology and is easy to operate by the driver or operator via a colour display. Setting default values is the familiar push of a button. The sequence of steps is also visible and the driver can easily see whether the trailer is full. Any malfunctions, for example by a dirty censor, are indicated with the location being mapped so that cleaning can be done quickly and adequately.

It is also possible for the supplier to remotely view the system to give instructions or to offer problem solving even so called ‘over-the-air’ software updates are now possible. This makes costly travel times a thing of the past. The CargoMatic 2.0 is the only automatic loading and unloading system available market which is designed for the circumstances where it is used, under a trailer exposed to extreme vibrations and temperatures in a range of -40 till + 60 degrees Celsius.

Control with a full colour touchscreen and possibilities for ‘over-the-air’ software updates.
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